With an increase of deaths by mass shootings and police response times averaging 18 minutes, security teams are faced with mounting pressure to upgrade technology that will better serve and protect the public. From stadiums to campuses to transportation hubs like airports, organizations have a responsibility to keep premises safe as well as researching ways to reduce potential vulnerabilities. More and more security leaders are choosing a layered approach to emergency communication, pushing out multiple messages across several different platforms.

At Live Earth, we are proud to support this approach to promoting enhanced levels of security. We are also proud to announce our newest partnership with Code Blue, the pioneering manufacturer of emergency communication solutions. Universities, campuses, parking garages, and more have installed the now iconic blue emergency phone towers and call boxes to improve safety efforts.

Through this integration, locations will be able to identify and monitor Code Blue Help Point® and speakerphone locations with Live Earth’s cloud-based platform that combines, correlates and visualizes real-time data streams on an interactive map. The consolidated technology provides faster response times during emergency situations.

Want to learn more about how Code Blue can increase safety for campuses? Read our use case Enhance Security with Technology at K-12 Schools.

“Code Blue remains dedicated to providing locations with efficient and effective ways to communicate with their intended audience and first responders,” Code Blue Director of Enterprise Solutions John Plooster said. “This integration will give Code Blue and Live Earth customers the opportunity to quickly respond during emergency situations.”

Ideal for environments that handle shifting amounts of traffic, Code Blue is designed to improve emergency response times and deployment. With Live Earth’s integration, emergency teams and operators will have a comprehensive look at a centralized map and determine the full context of the situation.

“Live Earth empowers security operators and facilities managers to have all their real-time analytical data integrated into one cohesive visualization platform,” explained Craig Johnston, Live Earth’s VP of Business Development. “The Live Earth and Code Blue partnership will bring a new level of alerting and accountability in the moments where seconds saved matter the most.” 

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