What Drives Live Earth?

Dedication to innovation and offering enterprises a true real-time, customizable and extensible data streaming platform.


Founded in 2015, Live Earth is a real-time data visualization and streaming platform. Originally developed to equip US Special Operations Forces with real-time visibility during classified operations, our common operational platform is designed for enhanced situational awareness.
Military Special Ops Teams


Our vision is to visualize the world’s information, provide insight, and turn data into useful knowledge. We execute our vision by focusing on the real-world issues faced by modern enterprises ranging from business intelligence and risk management to operational efficiency and asset security. 

Our goal is to help maximize ROI across the entire organization by unifying data in real-time from disparate sources, combining it with our archive of historical data, applying a Rules-Based Alerts Engine, machine learning and smart workflow automations all in an easy-to-use, quickly deployed and scalable solution.


To be trusted by our markets to implement the best, software agnostic, unified common operational platform that consolidates an organization’s disparate data sources leading to more informed decisions and faster responses in any conceivable situation.

Enterprise Safety and Security Center
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Telecommunications Tower

At our core, we’ve designed a platform that is extensible, intuitive, and customizable. We leverage historical data, real-time insights, and predictive analytics to fill in the gaps and give enterprises a complete picture of their organization.

Live Earth Platform on Desktop

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