The Internet of Things has evolved far past being just a buzzword. Today, billions of devices are connected and collecting data that holds massive potential for companies to leverage. Industries are eager to adopt new sensors to start harnessing information and make informed changes. But before implementing new technology, they should first consider how the data will be ingested, stored and displayed to make sense of the information and prevent data overload.

Once companies adopt more IoT initiatives, how can they secure their data and make the most use of it?

First and foremost, companies must take the proper steps upfront to prevent data silos and create a strong IoT foundation that can handle mass amounts of data. To do this, they have to adopt new technology that helps build a successful IoT framework of connectivity. By putting new systems in place alongside devices, companies can limit the amount of information that sits in silos and becomes obsolete over time. This makes it easy for industries to scale their operations, as an established process for data is in place.

For companies seeking device management, VMware Pulse IoT Center provides a solution that not only offers management for devices, but the security of those sensors as well. The software scales with a company’s infrastructure. This allows for industries to adopt new systems and deploy more devices without the frustration of these data streams becoming lost in silos. Companies seeking to limit data overload must have an organization system in place that makes sense to the structure of their company. VMware Pulse IoT Center is a strong solution that secures vulnerable data, and manages and organizes the information.

Securing and managing data alone does not entirely resolve the issue of data overload. Once the data is managed and secured properly, companies need a way to visualize and make sense of this information.

Live Earth is an IoT visualization platform that ingests separate data streams and syncs the data together in real-time on a single screen.

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A company that can see their information happening in a consolidated view will be able to take informed action to make necessary changes and improve operations. Live Earth integrates with VMware Pulse IoT Center seamlessly for a combined solution that helps companies secure and manage their data and visualize it on an interactive mapping platform.

There are no foreseeable slowdowns when it comes to IoT. As technology becomes more advanced, opportunities that can be found in data will become more valuable. Companies need to be able to quickly access and take action with the information they collect to get the most value out of their investments. Preventing data overload by establishing a strong IoT framework with management software ensures organization at the foundational level. Combining this data with a GIS mapping platform empowers users to take action with their own information to make changes in process, mitigate costs, and streamline operations for a more effective strategy.

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