Dateline NBC reports the latest in the case of Jennifer Dulos. In his first network interview, the lead investigator reveals new details of what happened the day the Connecticut mother disappeared. The episode, titled “The Day Jennifer Disappeared,” features Connecticut State Police Sgt. Kenneth Ventresca and Connecticut Chief State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo Jr.  — and reveals new information from Connecticut State Police. Dateline’s broadcast includes the latest developments in the case and a comprehensive look at the last day Jennifer was seen alive.

There has been no sign of the missing mother of 5 since she was last seen on May 24, 2019.  The disappearance of Jennifer Dulos is documented as a missing person case combined with a criminal investigation.  All over the state and beyond police have worked around the clock, and the New Canaan Chief of Police called in the cavalry from state police to US Marshals to the FBI to aid in this investigation.

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Video cameras are everywhere

Very early that morning, at roughly 5am, Fotis Dulos was seen by video through command center technology leaving one of his properties in Farmington, about 2 miles from his home.  He was driving a red Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck.  The truck is particularly interesting because it did not belong to Fotis, it belonged to a worker of his who was asked to trade vehicles for the day. Police began scouring video surveillance from around the community to follow his suspicious activity – reviewing recorded video from local businesses, school buses, and traffic cameras.  The truck was spotted in several locations along the 70 miles stretch between Farmington and New Canaan. Most interesting was the truck being parked in a local park parking lot, just 3 miles from Jennifer’s house.

So how would Fotis get from the park to Jennifer’s house – 3 miles away?

An eagle-eye detective spotted something in the Hartford Capital City Command Center technology – it was recorded video footage that gave police a new theory.  In more than 200 video recordings, the detective noticed a bike tire in the back of the truck. This became the leading “ah-ha” moment for investigators.

They immediately went back to reviewing video through the command center technology of all of the houses of a path that could have been traveled on a bike between the park and Jennifer’s home.  And they discovered a guy on a bike, wearing all black.

The videos continued to tell the police a story:

At 7:30am – The man on the bike is seen headed towards Jennifer’s house. Police believe it was Fotis who then sneaked into the garage to wait.
At 8:05am – Jennifer’s suburban is seen returning to her home, after dropping off her kids at school.
At 10:25am – Jennifer’s SUV is seen leaving her house. Police suspect that Fotis made the short drive back to the park with Jennifer’s body in the truck and then transferred the body and clean-up materials into the Tacoma packed in the park parking lot. By tracking Jennifer’s cell phone, police also suspect activity because her phone stayed in the park from 10:30-11:09am.
At 11:09am – The Tacoma truck is seen leaving the park.
At 12:22pm – He is seen returning to the Farmington property – where his day began.

Hope for the future

While there has been no sign of Jennifer, her estranged husband, Fotis, was charged with her murder.  During his interview with NBC last August, he said he had nothing to do with Jennifer’s disappearance. He pleaded not guilty to charges filed against him and died earlier this year, days after attempting suicide at his Farmington home. He was due for a court appearance and was found when he failed to show up.

The search for Jennifer and the investigation into what happened to her continue.  “I’m confident we are going to find her,” Ventresca told Dateline. Jennifer and Fotis’ five children have been living with their grandmother, Jennifer’s mother, since Jennifer’s disappearance.

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