Data Visualization & Synchronization Tool for Business Intelligence

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Real-Time Data Visualization to Enhance Situational Awareness & Location Intelligence

Eliminate Data Silos & Leverage Disparate Data from a Single Screen

Live Earth is a data synchronization tool that seamlessly fuses together millions of real-time data sources and time series data onto an intuitive, interactive data visualization map.

The platform provides an increased level of business intelligence visualization with real-time alerts to critical situations allowing organizations to respond quickly, increasing safety and improving operational effectiveness.  By stitching together data from multiple sources, sensors and systems that include business indicators, internal and external data sources, weather, traffic cameras, IoT devices, transportation, video management and more, organizations are able to make better decisions with increased awareness and insights like never before.  Additional data systems include surveillance systems, location aware sensors, cameras, drones, microsats, connected vehicles and more.

Our business intelligence tool breaks down your data silos, consolidates the information, eliminates the noise through configurable alerts, and displays your data on one operational view, giving you the actionable knowledge you need to act fast.

US Special Operations Forces:

Live Earth was developed for classified operations to visualize their real-time data feeds on a single interactive map.

Powerful and Ready to Use

Live Earth’s platform comes with 100+ out-of-the-box integrations like weather, traffic data, and natural disasters, and is ready for immediate use. Users can also have their systems integrated for a view of their data alongside ready to use feeds.

As the fastest map with the capability to render data feeds almost instantly and in sync, Live Earth is the event server platform that meets the needs of multiple industries.


Maximize Business Intelligence with our data synchronization tools!

We are a world leading data visualization platform built for multiple industries to enhance safety and security, increase operational efficiency and reduce risks.

Purpose Built for Real-Time, High Velocity Data Streams

Live Earth is a powerful data synchronization tool, built for real-time, high velocity data streams. Retrieve months worth of events and data with play, pause, and rewind for fast and easy incident reconstruction, reviewing assets, and more.

High Capacity Ingest and Storage

  • Ingests 600+ million events per hour, and growing!
  • Gathers data from millions sources simultaneously
  • Handles various data update rates
  • Handles different data stream latencies
  • Stores billions of events for months or days, you choose!

Optimized Query and Retrieval

  • Sub-second query results
  • Billions of events stored for any geography and timeframe
  • Multiple datasets and sources encrypted, compressed, and delivered

High Performance Map

Live Earth is the world’s fastest interactive data visualization map and can be used for rendering and animating real-time data streams and time series datasets.

High Performance Rendering

  • Reconstruct scenarios in seconds
  • Animate millions of events at 60 FPS from multiple data sources
  • Review events from any time period with data streams in sync with one another
  • Pan and zoom for multiple vantages of the same scenario
  • Play, pause, and rewind data in sync

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