A Real-Time IoT Visualization & Mapping Platform

For Real-Time Situational Awareness & Location Intelligence

Real-Time Data is Everywhere

Connect data streams like surveillance systems, location aware sensors, cameras, drones, microsats, connected vehicles and more. Live Earth breaks down your data silos, consolidates the information, and displays it on one operational view, giving you the actionable knowledge you need.

Purpose Built for Real-Time, High Velocity Data Streams

Live Earth is a powerful visualization platform, built for real-time, high velocity data streams. Retrieve months worth of events and data with play, pause, and rewind for fast and easy incident reconstruction, reviewing assets, and more.

High Capacity Ingest and Storage

  • Ingests millions of events per hour
  • Gathers data from multiple sources simultaneously
  • Handles various data update rates
  • Handles different data stream latencies
  • Stores billions of events of months and days

Optimized Query and Retrieval

  • Sub-second query results
  • Billions of events stored for any geography and timeframe
  • Multiple datasets and sources encrypted, compressed, and delivered

High Performance Map

Live Earth is the world’s fastest map and can be used for rendering and animating real-time data streams and time series datasets.

High Performance Rendering

  • Reconstruct scenarios in seconds
  • Animate 100s of thousands of events at 60 FPS from multiple data sources
  • Review events from any time period with data streams in sync with one another
  • Pan and zoom for multiple vantages of the same scenario
  • Play, pause, and rewind data in sync

Powerful and Ready to Use

Live Earth’s platform comes with out-of-the-box integrations like weather, traffic data, and natural disasters, and is ready for immediate use. Users can also have their systems integrated for a view of their data alongside ready to use feeds.

As the fastest map with the capability to render data feeds almost instantly and in sync, Live Earth is the event server platform that meets the needs of multiple industries.


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US Special Operations Forces

Developed Live Earth to visualize real-time

data feeds on a single

interactive map

Commercially Available

Live Earth is now commercially available and can be used by countless industries as a solution to improve daily operations. Manage and streamline critical operations.

Visualize your systems on a single pane of glass, and shorten decision cycles to save time, money, and manpower.

Ready to See How Live Earth Can Work for You?