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Live Earth and Milestone Systems Launch Verified Single Use Platform

Live Earth announces the release of a verified integrated solution with Milestone Systems, a world-leading provider of open platform IP video management software (VMS). The enhanced integration provides seamless access to live and recorded video within a common operational picture.

Live Earth Names Kevin Trottier Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Trottier brings over 20 years of technology product development, sales, and marketing to Live Earth.  He is focused on solving customer needs through Live Earth’s unique capabilities and on building a growth driven culture at the company.

Live Earth Receives Solution Partner of the Year Award from Milestone Systems

The Live Earth Platform seamlessly interfaces with Milestone’s XProtect® Solution, providing organizations with increased situational awareness and location intelligence to direct faster decision making.

Live Earth Receives LenelS2 Factory Certification Under the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program

The Live Earth Platform interfaces with the LenelS2 OnGuard® access control security system and incorporates all OnGuard alerts into one common operational view combined with other critical data systems and VMS platforms giving an advanced notification platform capable of directing faster incident response and resolution.

Live Earth Joins L3Harris Technologies' Mission Critical Alliance to Accelerate Advancement of Interoperable Public Safety Technologies

The Mission Critical Alliance (MCA) strengthens partnerships with best-of-breed public safety solution providers to promote technology development, interoperability and security.

Live Earth Partners With the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) to Advance Operational and Technological Needs of Venue Operators and Security Personnel at Sports Venues

The Live Earth platform has achieved the NCS4 National Sports Security Lab’s (NSSL) Lab Tested designation to join the NCS4’s NSSL’s Evaluated Product List as a validated Data Visualization platform that provides quality and serviceability.

Code Blue and Live Earth Announce Strategic Partnership

Code Blue Corporation, the pioneering manufacturer of emergency communication solutions, has partnered with Live Earth, an advanced data visualization platform for directing and monitoring complex business and security operations.

Live Earth Announces Collaboration With VMware to Integrate IoT Visualization With VMware Pulse IoT Center

VMware Pulse IoT, a secure IoT device management and monitoring solution, collaborates with Live Earth to make the edge intelligent and provide a more secure IoT visualization platform for enhanced situational awareness and location intelligence.

Live Earth and Cisco Kinetic: Driving Internet of Everything (IoE) Intelligence

Combined with Cisco Kinetic, Live Earth’s analytics and alerts engine builds upon Cisco’s data ecosystem, driving insights that enable proactive management for Smart City, Energy and Logistics operations.

Live Earth and HERE Join Forces to Provide Venue Owners With Advanced Indoor Monitoring & Tracking Solution

HERE, an Open Location Platform, has partnered with Live Earth for a combined approach to improve safety and optimize efficiency for indoor venues. Live Earth visualizes HERE Venues advanced indoor maps along with additional assets for a holistic approach to monitoring and security.

Live Earth Increases Efficiency by Combining Real-Time Data Streams

Meet Live Earth, the cloud-based platform that combines, correlates and visualizes any real-time data stream on an interactive map.


Live Earth Launches Data Visualization Platform for Managing Complex Operations

Users can monitor and direct business and security operations directly from the Live Earth map using familiar tap, swipe, and pinch-to-zoom gestures. Live Earth’s interactive timeline feature works like a DVR, enabling users to play, pause, loop, or rewind monitored activities as they occur in real-time.

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Articles Featuring Live Earth

5 Top Emerging Data Visualization Solutions

The startup’s main goals involve enhancing safety and security, increasing operational efficiency, and reducing risks. Live Earth is a significantly faster map, and it renders and animates real-time data streams and time-series datasets.

(VIDEO) Integrator of the Year 2019: Convergint Technologies for City of Calgary

SP&T News 2019 Integrator of the Year, Convergint Technologies works with customer City of Calgary to help the municipality achieve its smart city vision.

The Milestone Post: Calgary's Open Video Platform Enables Smart City Data

“We are extremely impressed with the Live Earth-Milestone integration and its capabilities,” said Mark Sheahan, Convergint Technologies Account Manager for the project. “It has a great user interface, amazing data, and any mayor or city council member can immediately understand how it can be used in a smart city situation.”

Breaking the Mold of Traditional City Surveillance

Since the dawn of its “smart city” initiative, the City of Calgary has been recognized for its forwardthinking efforts, including the modernization of the tools and resources available to its security teams. “We monitor over 900 different sites throughout The City of Calgary,” says Alex Lee, Security Advisor, Technical Operations, Corporate Security, City of Calgary. “So, you can imagine that we’ve seen just about every scenario in terms of security incidents.”

Smart Cities Can Utilize Data Visualization for Better Operations

Live Earth, partnered with Convergint Technologies, can provide organizations with the convergence they need to synchronize disparate data sources into a common operational picture.

Making the City Safer with Smart Crime Busting Technology

Hartford Capital City Command Center fast-tracks investigations and solves crimes using a comprehensive surveillance solution. The Team at Hartford’s C4 uses Live Earth as a real-time data visualization tool. “What used to take days of searching now takes minutes,” said Lieutenant Johnmichael O’Hare, Hartford Police Department and a supervisor at C4.

Clearwater Police Department Creates Operations Center Linked to Cameras Around the City

“The heart of the wall screen display is Live Earth…though not related to Google Earth, the mapping resembles that product on steroids. The system is tied to the Internet so anything available online can be accessed.” -Tampa Bay Newspapers

The Future of Crime Fighting in 2019

A real-time IoT visualization platform is the number one technology to consider for crime fighting in 2019. By implements alerting and instant replay for forensic analysis, Live Earth’s mapping platform empowers law enforcement to make decisions with real-time information to provide actionable insights and enhanced situational awareness.

Visualize Problems in Real-Time with Live Earth and Milestone Video Management

Milestone provides a video management system (VMS) that serves as a foundational component in creating a strong security infrastructure. Visualized on Live Earth, users get a holistic picture of their VMS with additional data overlays like traffic and weather. 

VMware and Live Earth Partner to Make the Edge Intelligent

VMware Pulse IoT collaborates with Live Earth to create a simple and secure IoT visualization solution. Customers benefit from a real-time IoT visualization platform that aggregates data from separate devices at the edge and provides users with actionable insights.

Fathym and Live Earth Collaborate to Bring Real-Time, Surface-Level Environmental Forecasts

Live Earth integrates with Fathym’s powerful WeatherCloud API to visualize real-time weather forecasts that provide valuable insight on globally-scaled weather conditions down to a hyper-local level.

Gain Real-Time Insights

Live Earth’s integrated visual operations center solves the issue of maintaining data streams and systems individually. The real-time IoT platform consolidates multiple feeds into one to enhance situational awareness and improve safety.

VMware Pulse IoT Center 2.0

VMware announced the launch of VMware Pulse IoT Center 2.0. The next generation of the software provides users with updated capabilities to manage the entire lifecycle of IoT/Edge devices, connected sensors and applications. Live Earth’s partnership with VMware Pulse IoT presents a combined solution that manages, secures and visualizes data for a holistic picture of operations.

Solving Crimes: Past vs. Present

Live Earth’s real-time IoT visualization platform that provides a consolidated view of existing data streams is changing the crime fighting landscape. Law enforocement can leverage Live Earth to enhance their understanding of a situation and gain greater context. The platform provides real-time alerting and instant replay for forensic analysic to empower law enforcement to make more informed decisions.

Live Earth Integrates HERE Venues Powerful Indoor Mapping

HERE Venues offers advanced indoor and outdoor mapping. The Live Earth platform visualizes these indoor maps, giving users a holistic approach to seeing all their systems on a single operational view.

Live Earth Geospatial Visualization is Now Integrated with Milestone Video

Driven by customers’ needs to visualize live video synchronized with real-time weather, traffic, city surveillance, IoT sensors, and transportation feeds, Milestone Systems and Live Earth have achieved a simple and powerful way to integrate video into a Common Operational Picture.

Live Earth Integrates INRIX Traffic Intelligence with Live Transportation for Enhanced Situational Awareness

Live Earth, the world’s most advanced Situational Awareness Platform, announced an agreement with INRIX, the world leader in connected car services and transportation analytics, to bring real-time visualization to the transportation industry.

Live Earth and Cisco Kinetic: Driving IoT Intelligence

Together, Cisco Kinetic and Live Earth is designed to drive operational efficiency and help customers grow revenue faster. This is the power of Cisco and Live Earth together.

Improved Decision-Making and Incident Response Times with a Single Interactive Map

Stop switching between various platforms by using visualization software to integrate multiple data feeds

First Time Exhibitor Q&A: Live Earth

I had a chance to catch up with Live Earth CEO Jeff Carpenter at ISC West in Las Vegas to discuss what makes their solution so unique to the marketplace and why they decided to exhibit at the show for the first time this week.

Security at Citi Field Ups Its Game With a Blend of Technology and Staff Experience

The solution, known as Live Earth, delivers real-time situational awareness by unifying all systems, devices, sensors and data streams on a single interactive map. It is a cloud platform and is billed as a complete, out-of-the-box solution that requires little to no implementation time.

New technology could give Fort Myers Police a live birds-eye view on crime

Live Earth could give officers a birds-eye view by integrating traffic cameras and body cameras on a live data platform.

Visualizing the Live Earth

The platform can integrate and synchronise all information from available sources such as sensors and devices and weather and traffic news.

Dell Technologies Demos Interconnected Surveillance Ecosystem

At Intersec Dubai, the Live Earth demo offers an overview of Dell Technologies’ capabilities of how video surveillance comes to life in the ever changing modern environment, hosted on a ruggedised Edge Gateway platform.

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