Billions of data sensors, systems and devices are being deployed at exponential levels. By 2025, its estimated that 463 exabytes of data will be created each day globally. The rapid development of the digital world contributes to the evolution of the global datasphere and the pioneering of digital transformation across all industries. Organizations must adopt technology strategies that will evolve with this rapid growth or they will be left behind. At Live Earth we offer business intelligence products that can grow with a company to ensure business continuity.

It is important to understand that with all the data being collected, the data sources come with their own software package to manage the data. Often these data sources are managed by independent apps and display screens. Teams are challenged with filtering through vast amounts of data to make sense of it all. They must navigate between screens and apps to try to find patterns and trends and make recommendations and decisions quickly. Filtering through all the noise is a clear challenge teams face across multiple departments – IT, security, HR, operations, and more – in a wide variety of industries – public safety, law enforcement, government, smart cities, transportation, logistics, retail, utilities, healthcare, and more.

Discover A Business Continuity Solution To Connect Your Disparate Data

Live Earth is a real-time data visualization platform that brings together millions of data sources from public, private and partner data sources. Live Earth leverages cutting edge technology to quickly deliver value. Live Earth is easy to use by anyone, and it integrates with 3rd party data so it can expand with an organization as they grow. Companies do not need to pivot from their current technologies to work with Live Earth.

How It Works: An advanced data visualization platform on a common operational picture

The Live Earth platform aggregates all the data, correlates it in real-time, and presents the data on an interactive map that was developed with GIS mapping technology.  Virtually anything tied to a location, time and date can appear in the Live Earth platform.

  • Users can see all their data interacting with other contextual data, in real-time
  • Users gain deeper insights by setting up customized real-time alerts that can occur within a single data source or with multiple data sources and predefined attributes within the data source
  • Users can activate heat map capabilities with 3 simple clicks
  • Users can also go back in time to analyze patterns and trends or detect anomalies with an easy to use interactive timeline
  • Users can easily share the information with internal or external resources with a variety of sharing options

What are some of the benefits of Live Earth?

  1. It is easy to use – you do not need to go to a multi-week training class to use the platform
  2. There is no data loss or heavy lift to swap over – you can still use your existing [ESRI] data layers in the platform
  3. It offers immediate increased value – we help you make your data layers more relevant by adding contextual surrounding data that you may not have access to currently

View our 10min Product Demo: Live Earth provides business intelligence visualization & data synchronization tools to help to enhance business continuity.

The Live Earth platform should be part of an organization’s overall strategy to bring all their disparate data sources together, into a common operational view.  Organizations do not need to operate in “software silos” when they can have all their data streaming on a common operational picture. Live Earth is both a data visualization platform and business continuity solution.

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