Live Earth Features

Data Analytics Tools to Transform Your Enterprise

Analyze and Navigate Your Data in Real-Time

Live Earth’s real-time data streaming platform is built with powerful, easy-to-use features that will help you visualize and effectively pull out the information you need to make informed business decisions.

Our intuitive interface borrows concepts from your smartphone and tablet—like pinch-to-zoom maps and an interactive DVR-like timeline—and requires little or no training.

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High Speed, Real-Time Alerts

Live Earth’s rules-based alerts system can be tailored to identify and react to any risks or anomalous activity, whether you’re monitoring IoT sensors, social media, traffic or financial transactions.

Interactive Timeline

Whether you want to go back in time or see a live overview, you can our interactive map offers real-time and historical timelines of any event with easy navigation.

Live Layers

Connect to any data stream or feed!  Live Earth’s Technology Partners provide customers the ability to integrate their existing systems through “Live Layers,” which are GIS map data layers (overlays) that automatically update in real-time.  Live Earth allows you to connect to any system, sensor, video or connected vehicle through a library of ready-to-go 3rd Party connectors, and even more, has the ability to grow with any future systems you adopt – preventing vendor lock.

Visualizing all of our out-of-the-box data layers correlated and synchronized with your own data sources, on one interactive data visualization map, empowers you to make unexpected discoveries, optimize your work flow, and improve efficiencies with actionable intelligence.

Your Business Data

Your Own Data

The Live Earth API allows you to integrate and visualize any geospatial data synchronized with all the other available data feeds.

ESRI ArcGIS Map Server Data


Stream information and assets from ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS GeoEvents Servers.

Xl and CSV Files Data

XL and CSV Files

Import your information to visualize how it changes over time in relation to other data.

See Live Earth in Action

Add Layers

Easy to use wizards help users import data from a variety of file types to add enhanced data visualization. View any data stream and its impact on your operations in real-time.

Live Layers

Easily turn live layers on and off to focus your attention on and visualize the most relevant data. Access “add layers” to include or remove integrations from the layers panel.

Layer Settings

Users can configure their layer preferences of all entities or individual assets to enhance their visualization experience and better understand the data.

Incident Management

The incident management feature allows you to manage your customized alerts from a virtual sandbox environment. Users can quickly address the alerts or assign them to internal or external resources to take action.


The share feature allows users to publish content out of Live Earth platform through screenshots, shareable links, and saved views with internal resources who may not have a Live Earth user account or with external resources.

Video Wall

 Combine multiple video feeds into one view to see all of them in context with each other by dragging and dropping your live feeds into the video wall. Name and save your customized walls for organization and quick access.

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