Data Visualization for Financial Institutions

Identify Risks and Opportunities Faster

Improve Performance While Minimizing Risks with the Most Up-To-Date Streaming Data

Financial institutions often leave risk, revenue and optimization opportunities uncovered until it’s too late.

Maximize Your ROI with Live Earth's Real-Time Financial Data Platform

In order to proactively mitigate risk, maximize revenue opportunities and identify future investments, you need a unified data solution that provides instant actionable insights. 

Live Earth helps financial institutions create a more accurate risk detection and revenue management framework by unifying siloed department data. Our data streaming analytics platform allows banking and finance executives to make informed business decisions based on historical insights and real-time alerts to better identify growth opportunities.

How Live Earth Helps Financial Organizations


With our real-time data streaming capabilities, monitor transactions and alerts to detect fraud, protect your system vulnerabilities, ensure ongoing compliance and minimize future risks.


Live Earth combines your data with third-party data streams to provide a common operational picture for more insight into potential revenue opportunities.

Identify Investment Opportunities

Easily monitor and evaluate ESG investments and report financial returns, risks and overall impact with Live Earth’s unified data streams.

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