Dateline NBC reports, “it’s the most chilling mystery of the summer.”  On May 24th, a mother of 5 was suddenly missing in New Canaan, CT.  Video evidence is showing stunning new developments in this as yet unresolved case.

The disappearance of Jennifer Dulos has been documented as a missing person case combined with a criminal investigation.  All over the state and beyond police have worked around the clock, and the sense of urgency is palpable. New Canaan’s Chief of Police called in the cavalry from state police to US Marshals to the FBI.  This investigation is currently sitting at over $600,000 in overtime (typical for the state is roughly $50,000).

Caught on camera, something suspicious

In the early days of the investigation police asked the husband to turn over his cell phone, and through forensic analysis within the Live Earth technology platform, the suspect’s cell phone showed GPS pinging along a busy street in Hartford around 7pm, the night Jennifer disappeared.

With this information, investigators zeroed in on Albany Avenue in Hartford and contacted the Hartford Intelligence Center who provided some video through their Video Management System.

The Capital City Command Center, a hi-tech facility, captures video feeds from more than 700 Axis Communications’ network cameras deployed throughout the city, placed on busy streets and intersections.  This advanced GIS for Public Safety footage showed what appeared to be the suspects, in seemingly the same make and model vehicle, discarding things in garbage containers along this street.

Cameras also captured video of the suspects stuffing a FedEx box down a storm drain.  The contents in the box?  Two altered license plates from vehicles that had at one point been registered to one of the suspects.

The bombshell results would lead to allegations and arrests.

Video cameras are everywhere

The worst set of facts the defense faces is the evidence pulled from surveillance cameras in Hartford where both suspects are seen to have made nearly 40 stops.  The defense states that they can’t make out the license plate, that the faces are fuzzy, and it will be up to a judge and jury to determine if this resembles the suspects.

But the suspect’s arrest warrant counters what the defense attorney claims.   The warrant states that detectives could read the plates and that the video showed a Caucasian male matching the physical appearance of the suspect emerging from the vehicle.

“They certainly used a wide array of electronic sources. I’m extremely impressed with the investigation. It lays this all out so clearly,” said Adam Scott Wandt, an associate professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. “From what I have seen, they have a massive amount of evidence from all of these videos showing the moving of evidence, bringing the truck in for detailing and using cash to pay for that. I think we will see more of these types of investigations with all of the electronic surveillance there is now.”

Clarity lies ahead

The investigation continues to be active and the hope is to learn what happened on May 24th which lead to what has eluded investigators so far.

“Law enforcement experts say prosecuting a murder case without a body was nearly impossible decades ago. It remains difficult but has become easier in recent years because of evidence not available in the past including cellphone location information, surveillance cameras and new DNA testing.” – Associated Press, NBC News

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