Good investment strategies factor into various data points in decision making. One of the many risk measures that companies need to consider before deciding to base their operations in a specific city or town is physical security. Given that you’ll be spending thousands or even millions of dollars to set up shop in a new location, you have to ensure your employees’ and assets’ safety. 

Most investors don’t assess investment risks with street-level crime insights, but you should.

Here are the different ways in which you can assess investment risks using street-level crime insights

Watch Trends in Street-Level Crime 

Street-level crime trends indicate how an area’s security has been performing in the past compared to now. Decreasing street crime levels indicate increasing security in the neighborhood. Areas with increasing security are good to invest in, but you should also consider what that crime level could mean to your employees. Safety of employees and assets matters. 

Police Responses 

How do security forces respond to reported crime in the neighborhood? If the local authorities aren’t doing anything substantial to help reduce street crimes, there’s a high chance that the illegal activities will continue rising exponentially. Actions that are taken by the police directly influence feelings of insecurity and safety. 

Types of Crimes 

Research done by Martin Innes and Vanessa Jones of the University of Surrey indicates that some types of crimes have a powerful impact on the local perception of neighborhood security. In turn, this perception influences how people act. Types of street-level crimes include pickpocketing, illicit drug trades, assaults, and public and private property vandalism. If an area is perceived as insecure, you should shy away from putting your investment in such a region. Of course, an exception is if your business is offering security as a service. Depending on the most dominant type of crime, you can make decisions whether a place is worth investing in. 

Get Street-Level Insights for Better Investment Decisions 

Safety varies from place to place, and often it’s not easy to tell how secure a neighborhood is. Yet, it’s important to know and to stay updated about such trends. Growth in the physical security market paints a picture of an increasing need for security in many places worldwide. 

A recent report from Markets and Markets projects the physical security market to reach 120.3 billion by 2025 from 93.5 billion in 2020. The worst part is that it’s not easy to access data about street-level crimes. Most of this data is often in the hands of police, and there’s nothing you can do to compel law enforcement to give it out. However, you should consider such data when making investment decisions to plow your money in a certain area. 

Final Thoughts 

How can you access the latest insights about street-level crime in a specific city? You can consider security solutions like what we offer through our integration with Base Operations. Base Operations, provides real-time micro-intelligence data to help keep your team safe in the field. Together, we provide customers with street-level threat assessments, neighborhood threat ratings, and granular visual data about threat trend patterns from a common operational view. 

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