Informed Business Intelligence

Real-Time Data Visualization
To Transform Your Enterprise

The Speed, Accuracy and Contextualization of Data is an Enterprise's Biggest Competitive Advantage

Live Earth is a powerful solution for modern enterprises looking to scale their business with real-time insights that drive efficiency, discover new revenue opportunities and protect their valuable investments.

Our unified data streaming platform eliminates data silos and brings together historical and real-time insights so you can make better business decisions faster than ever before. Unite your command centers, synchronize processes, and digitize functions with Live Earth’s advanced data visualization platform capabilities.

The Industries We Help


Financial data represented by money

Use real-time data streaming analytics platform to identify financial risks and revenue opportunities faster.


Telecommunications Tower

Leverage unified live data to effectively operationalize your vast digital network. 


Utilize our real-time data streaming platform to monitor and respond to critical events.

Safety & Security

Security Camera

Harness our real-time alerts system to command and control disparate structures under one common view.

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