Real-Time Data Visualization and Analytics

Organizations around the world benefit from connecting their disparate data sources with real-time data synchronization on a common operational picture.

Leverage Data to Maximize Business Intelligence

Live Earth is the world’s leading data visualization platform. It is built to enhance safety and security, increase operational efficiency and reduce risks.

Live Earth breaks down data silos by synchronizing all of your live data in the cloud and presents it on a common operational picture.  With this level of visibility, organizations are able to make better decisions with increased situational awareness and location intelligence.

Live Earth ingests 600+ million events per hour from multiple sources simultaneously with a variety of data update rates and different data stream latencies.

Live Earth is the world’s fastest map and is used to render and animate real-time data streams and time series datasets.

What can you do with all of your data?

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Unlimited Possibilities for Multiple Industries

Physical Security & Asset Protection

Leverage data visualization tools for enhanced situational awareness and improved asset protection.  Learn more!

Smart & Connected Cities

Improve safety & reduce costs with GIS visualization software that supports a growing IoT ecosystem.  Learn more!

Public Safety & Law Enforcement

Better protect communities with data integration tools that provide actionable insight. Learn more!

Stadiums, Venues & Campuses

Visualize all existing systems on a common operational picture to increase safety and security.  Learn more!

Transportation & Logistics

Monitor the location of assets and external conditions that could affect them.  Learn more!


Gain insights from multiple IoT sources with real-time visualization & proactive alerts.  Learn more!

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Find out how Live Earth can connect your existing data systems on a single interactive map with real-time visibility to enhance situational awareness and location intelligence to proactively manage risks before they threaten your operations.