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Real-Time Awareness & Analytical Insights for Financial Institutions

Live Earth suite of financial services is the only platform providing a multi-layer data analysis engine resulting in historical data insights and real-time actionable results for financial institutions. Corporations often leave risk events, revenue, and optimization opportunities uncovered until after the fact.  Live Earth’s analysis platform allows banking and finance executives to use historical insights and real-time signals to make business decisions based on analysis of disparate data layer interactions and past performance triggers.

Live Earth is easy to deploy with minimal training required. Users can make faster decisions with real-time alerts, managed through an in-platform incident panel, easy to use sharing functionality, on an interactive multi-layered map.  Live Earth is an open platform allowing organizations to ingest data from multiple types of data sensors, systems, and feeds as they grow.  Live Earth also capitalizes on a growing technology ecosystem built with industry leaders to manage, secure, and enhance all of your real-time data.  The platform offers cloud, hybrid, or on-prem solutions to meet the needs of customers individually.

Live Earth is trusted by Organizations & Agencies around the world.

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How Financial Institutions Are Using Data Analysis for Fraud Prevention

It’s an arms race, with fraudsters defeating one technology or technique and data analysts and security professionals upping the ante with a tougher system to break. Learn how data analysis is helping with fraud protection and why it’s important.

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Customer Experience Technology: Monitor & Measure Your Brand Sentiment & Reputational Risk

The Live Earth Platform uses real-time data on a visual platform to help businesses better understand and respond to their customers and the unpredictable events that affect sentiment.

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Understand KPIs to Improve Success

Businesses need to understand their statistics and analyze them if they want to succeed.  In this article, we explain lag and lead indicators to help you see what they are and how they can affect your company’s success.

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Why is data visualization important for marketing & sales?

The rift between sales and marketing is a result of not understanding each other’s work. The most incredible tool to solve the disagreement is data visualization. Data visualization is similar to architecture since it entails a blend of science and creativity. Take a closer look at the benefits of data visualization on sales and marketing.

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Leveraging Social Media and Risk Management Through Data Visualization

Organizations must leverage a variety of data sources to gain appropriate insights to make decisions.  Learn how organizations benefit from data visualization for risk management in this quick read.

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Safety & Security:
Using Real-Time Data Visualization to Streamline Employee Evacuation and Protect Your People

Global facilities with employees all over the worldrely on up-to-date informaiton to make informed decisions during critical moments. Security teams face the challenge of finding and addressing these issues as they arise. Real-time data visualization tolls can enhance asset protection and empower security teams with actionable insights.

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Safety & Security:
Is It A True Emergency? Real-Time Alerting Improves Awareness for Security in Facilities

When an alarm goes off in the middle of the night, the operations manager is responsible for assessing the alarm and turning it off. The only way to turn off the alarm and determine if it is a true emergency is to access the control room in the building, which potentially puts the manager at risk. A combined solution that leverages real-time data visutalization can improve security for facility managers and allow them to safely triage a situation.

A Real-Time Awareness Solution That Scales

Safety & Security Solution

Leverage a data visualization platform that combines all internal and external data sources for enhanced situational awareness and asset protection.  Learn more!

Operational Efficiency Solution

Improve overall operations and reduce costs with GIS visualization software of all internal and external data sources on a common operational picture.  Learn more!

Financial Data Insights Solution

Maximize revenue assurance and mitigate risks quickly with advanced data visualization using real-time multi-layer data correlation on a single screen. Learn more!

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