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Real-Time Awareness & Analytic Insights for Investment Companies

Minimizing risks and maximizing returns on real estate and other types of investments requires the analysis of a large number of data points.  Knowing how these data sources interact and influence each other provides investors a clear picture of both opportunity and risk.  Live Earth offers a central location to assess and analyze investments based on geographies of focus or regions of interest while providing the ability to filter data and drill down to critical inflection points.  This improves results for  both current investments and future investment considerations.

Some of the data sources driving this insights engine include public transportation, traffic flow, construction status, social unrest, social sentiment, and news events.  Combining these data sources into a time series multi-layer platform allows investment managers to make decisions regionally or even at specific geographic locations.   Investors can leverage their own data – like building locations, historical and current maps, video feeds, foot fall traffic, and drones to gain even better insights to their investments.  Leveraging a number of strategic partners and internal capabilities, Live Earth provides advanced data analysis and historical trending including access to street level crime data soinvestors gain insights to historical crime stats around their regions of focus to better understand the risks with their investment considerations.  Live Earth’s interactive timeline gives investors the power to review and import historical data to understand trends and gain insights to future risk factors and mitigation strategies.

Live Earth is easy to deploy with minimal training required. Users can make faster decisions with real-time alerts, managed through an in-platform incident panel, easy to use sharing functionality, on an interactive, multi-layered map.  Live Earth is an open platform allowing organizations to ingest data from multiple types of data sensors, systems, and feeds as they grow.  Live Earth also capitalizes on a growing technology ecosystem built with industry leaders to manage, secure, and enhance all of your real-time data.  The platform offers cloud, hybrid, or on-prem solutions to meet the needs of customers individually.

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