Physical Security

Real-Time Data Visualization to Enhance Asset Protection

View Your World Differently

Unite your command centers, synchronize processes, and digitize functions with Live Earth’s real-time data visualization platform. With the ability to layer all your information feeds on a single pane, you can take advantage of greater situational awareness and faster decision-making and response time. Live Earth brings a geospatial perspective to the world of physical security.

Real-Time Alerts

Live Earth issues real-time alerts (via in-platform pop-up, email, and text) for pre-defined scenarios, like events that fall within predetermined criteria and that take place near your key locations or within facilities. The platform automatically triggers internal alarms and prioritizes external threats, greatly shortening your response times.

Faster Decision Making

Time is of the essence when it comes to critical information and making decisions. Live Earth enables users to access information faster with the ability to export still images, video clips, and fully interactive scenes that contain all relevant information to streamline the decision making process.

Better Processes

With Live Earth’s interactive, visual timeline, users can rewind, pause, and closely review details around critical events. This provides tangible evidence supporting when and why decisions were made. Users can continuously improve incident response plans with incident reconstruction capabilities and analyzing data to better inform future processes.

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Live Earth empowers users to be constantly vigilant. Real-time alerts for internal alarms, door access systems, traffic flow changes and more provide immediate intel on events that can affect personnel, public transportation, and more. Live Earth’s ready-to-use software platform can usually be deployed within a day and can be tailored to your needs.