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Technology is constantly improving and, as it does, public safety agencies benefit from receiving additional types of data that they can use to help solve crimes faster.  At the same time, these different forms of data are often stored in different systems, can be difficult to relate to one another, and can require precious time to sort through.

When seconds and minutes count, agencies need a public safety software that can combine data from their public and private platforms into a single pane of glass to provide 360-degree view and can lead to improved situational awareness.  Furthermore, they need to be able to create custom real time alerts that will notify them when key issues are occurring rather than sorting through the data themselves.  Live Earth provides GIS for public safety for these crucial functions.

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Analytics and Alerts

Live Earth provides enhanced GIS for Public Safety by sending out alerts for user-defined scenarios, whether they are for historical or real-time events. This empowers officers to respond to developing incidents faster, with more complete information. It also provides in-depth investigative support for ongoing cases, including instant replays and analytics to help better prepare for future events.

Faster Decision Making

Time is of the essence when it comes to reviewing critical information and making decisions. Live Earth enables users to access information faster with the ability to export still images, video clips, and fully interactive scenes that contain all relevant information to streamline the decision making process.

Investigative and Forensic Support

Our incident mapping software allows users to easily rewind, pause, and review events using Live Earth’s interactive timeline. This provides tangible evidence supporting when and why decisions were made. Users can continuously improve incident response plans through using the timeline for historical reconstruction of incidents with this enhanced law enforcement mapping software.

Hartford’s Capital City Command Center Says:

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