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Real-Time Awareness & Analytical Insights for Public Safety & Law Enforcement

Technology is constantly improving and new data sources are constantly becoming available. Leveraging these data streams, public safety agencies can respond faster, increase safety for first responders and citizens, while also solving crimes faster.  While these different forms of data are often stored in different systems, it can be difficult to relate one to  another, and can require precious time to sort through the data.

When seconds and minutes count, agencies need a public safety software platform that  combines data from all their public and private systems into one single pane of glass providing a 360-degree view for improved situational awareness.  Additionally, through the creation of custom real time alerts, agencies are notifiedwhen key issues are occurring rather than sorting through the data after the fact.  Live Earth provides advanced multi-layer GIS solutions for public safety and these crucial functions.

Live Earth is easy to deploy with minimal training required. Users can make faster decisions with real-time alerts, managed through an in-platform incident panel, easy to use sharing functionality, on an interactive map.  Live Earth is an open platform allowing organizations to ingest data from multiple types of data sensors, systems, and feeds as they grow.  Live Earth also capitalizes on a growing technology ecosystem built with industry leaders to manage, secure, and enhance all of your real-time data.  The platform offers cloud, hybrid, or on-prem solutions to meet the needs of customers individually.

Live Earth is trusted by Organizations & Agencies around the world.

Collateral for Public Safety & Law Enforcement

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Command Center Technology Continues to Aid Law Enforcement in a Missing Persons Case

An eagle-eye detective spotted something in the Hartford Capital City Command Center technology – it was recorded video footage that gave police a new theory.

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Enhance Security at K-12 Schools with Public Safety Technology

When students walk through the campus entrance and take a seat at their desk, they deserve to be in a safe environment free from concerns of threats like bullying, vandalism, or worse, a violent attack. Educators, administrators and school safety officials are tasked with maintaining an environment that is secure and conducive to learning.

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Respond to Crime Faster with New Command Center Technology

Live Earth is an advanced command center technology that presents millions of disparate data sources in concert of one another on a common operational picture. Learn what Hartford Capital City Command Center has to say about it in this recent blog post.

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Centralized Visual Data for Law Enforcement

In this white paper, you’ll learn about:


  • Enhanced situational awareness with high-speed alerts
  • Heightened comprehension and eliminate overload with live layers
  • Accelerated coordination with inter-agency operability
  • How to eradicate customer lock-in with vendor-agnostic tools
  • Scene reconstruction with intuitive evidence collection
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How Law Enforcement Can Leverage Data to Better Protect Communities

Police applied tried and true investigative methods to the case. They gathered details at the scene and discussed the possibilities of what happened. They then put their theories to the test on the visualization platform and creatively approached the various components to connect the dots. By having the big picture in front of them, police were able to obtain video evidence and a signed confession. 

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The Future of Law Enforcement with Streamlined Data and Real-Time Mapping

In this white paper, you’ll learn about:

  • Issues law enforcement agencies face when it comes to responding to emergencies and events
  • How a GIS for Public Safety data visualization platform for law enforcement agencies can provide critical information faster and improve decision making
  • How a real-time IoT mapping platform helps departments streamline daily operations, uncover comprehensive data analytics, and work through investigative and forensic cases
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Making the City Safer with Smart Crime-Busting Technology

Hartford Capital City Command Center fast-tracks investigations and solves crimes using a comprehensive surveillance solution. 

“ Having an integrated smart city solution doesn’t replace cops on the streets. What it does is help us arm them with real-time intelligence to make them more efficient and effective.” -Hartford Police Department 

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The Impact of a Visual Data Platform on Wildfire Response

In this white paper, you’ll learn: 

  • Why wildfires are becoming more complex
  • How a visual data platform can provide better insights into managing wildfires before they spiral out of control
  • How a data visualization platform with rewind capabilities can provide a thorough assessment to better understanding of when, where, and how future wildfires may strike

A Real-Time Awareness Solution That Scales

Safety & Security Solution

Leverage a data visualization platform that combines all internal and external data sources for enhanced situational awareness and asset protection.  Learn more!

Operational Efficiency Solution

Improve overall operations and reduce costs with GIS visualization software of all internal and external data sources on a common operational picture.  Learn more!

Financial Data Insights Solution

Maximize revenue assurance and mitigate risks quickly with advanced data visualization using real-time multi-layer data correlation on a single screen. Learn more!

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