Smart City Software Platform for Data Visualization

A Smart City Data Visualization Platform
to Increase Safety and 
Enhance City Services 

Smart city initiatives deploy multiple, disparate smart and connected systems. Live Earth provides the smart city technology that allows the visualization and synchronizing of existing systems with surrounding contextual information into a common platform. By converging public and private data systems on one visual platform, Live Earth empowers smart, connected cities to improve living conditions and public safety for citizens. City planners, department heads, and governments can reduce infrastructure costs and service requirements through this advanced smart city data visualization system. With the ability to create predefined alerts, the platform enables city infrastructure (street lights, cameras, road conditions, etc.) to be proactively managed leveraging the interaction between systems with minimal staffing using these advanced GIS visualization tools.  

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All modes of transportation within a city or region can be monitored for improved safety and deployment and in relation to each other from one central location using our smart city software platform. Verify arrival and departure times, then optimize routing, improve station security, and enable citizen notifications from one system. Set alerts to further enhance these smart city technology functions so you’re the first to know when anything changes. This is how advanced transportation data visualization builds safer, smarter cities.

Public Safety

Live Earth provides a COP (Common Operational Picture) and enables GIS for public safety and security by converging parking, traffic flow, street and city level message boards, field personnel, internal and external video systems, and more on a single visual pane by using an advanced smart city data visualization platform.


Live Earth provides a smart city visualization platform allowing cities to monitor and review all data enabled utilities in relation to one another and with the surrounding weather, traffic, and emergency situations. Preventing disasters thru advanced notification of failures, deploying maintenance fleets, and notifying citizens of outages becomes more efficient when your operations department can see all sensors, fleet locations, and surrounding conditions in one view. based on any data points monitored, the changing environmental and asset conditions provide users a proactive utilities data analytics system to guide field personnel, reducing risks from severe weather, malfunctioning equipment, and other critical scenarios. 

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