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Live Earth monitors the location and condition of all your assets in relation to outside systems and forces (like traffic and weather). It also integrates routes with external conditions to optimize routing and fleet management, minimize delays, improve safety, and reduce losses and idle time. Cost-effective logistics planning and management requires detailed knowledge of all assets and external factors that can impact them in order to reduce expenses and improve efficiencies while maintaining maximum safety for drivers and the public. The best way to manage costs and improve efficiency is to provide predictability in the form of interactive analytics.

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Alerts and Analytics

Live Earth sends out alerts for user-defined scenarios. With vehicles, cameras, and sensors integrated on a single map, you can automate capturing pertinent information and run analytics on the data.

Proactive Management

With location intelligence and insight into the condition of your assets at all times, you can reduce risks and costs while prioritizing when services and reroutes are needed. Managing your assets to avoid adverse weather and traffic conditions minimizes downtime and service disruptions.

Forecasting Models & Routes

Fleet operators can define optimal routing predictions based on their operational valuables and predictive alerts on external conditions from Live Earth’s platform. Being able to predict how regional conditions will affect scheduling and routing helps reduce costs, drive efficient and consistent scheduling and route timing, and improve customer satisfaction.

Reduce Blowovers & Losses

Predictive weather software from Live Earth integrates seamlessly with advanced routing software that captures details on truck, trailer, and cargo specifications. Combined, these help avoid routes that expose these vehicles to heightened risk of blowover conditions. Live Earth’s real-time asset tracking also helps improve on-time delivery and reduce losses by tracing all vehicles in relation to their destinations, fuel stops, and road hazards. This saves users lost time, delayed deliveries, and reduces costs.

Maximize Safety

By being able to monitor all security systems at distribution centers in relation to fleet locations, configurations, and conditions on a single panel, you can improve the safety and security of all of your assets and those using them.

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