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Live Earth allows the safe planning of travel routes and then provides monitoring of the location and condition of all your assets in relation to outside events and forces (like traffic, weather, or even criminal risks). It also integrates route planning  with forecasted weather and traffic conditionsto optimize route and driver safety, minimize delivery times, and improve fleet management.  Reducing travel time losses and minimizing costly delays and accidents translates to improved margins and customer satisfaction. Cost-effective logistics planning and management require detailed knowledge of all assets and external factors that can impact routes in order to reduce expenses and improve efficiencies while maintaining maximum safety for drivers and the public. The best way to manage costs and improve efficiency is to provide predictability in the form of interactive analytics using our transportation logistics software. 

Live Earth is easy to deploy with minimal training required. Users can make faster decisions with real-time alerts, managed through an in-platform incident panel, easy to use sharing functionality, on an interactive map.  Live Earth is an open platform allowing organizations to ingest data from multiple types of data sensors, systems, and feeds as they grow.  Live Earth also capitalizes on a growing technology ecosystem built with industry leaders to manage, secure, and enhance all of your real-time data.  The platform offers cloud, hybrid, or on-prem solutions to meet the needs of customers individually.

Live Earth is trusted by Organizations & Agencies around the world.

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Optimizing Fleet Operations & Driver Safety With Real-Time Mapping Technology

In this white paper, you’ll learn about:

  • Common issues transportation and logistics companies face related to drivers, technology, and operational efficiency
  • How a single screen data visualization platform can provide fleet managers insight into risks along a route and any potential dangerous driving concerns
  • How an IoT platform integrated seamlessly with an ELD or another sensor can converge and analyze data in real-time to increase fleet productivity, reduce risk, and keep drivers safe.
Data Visualization Software

Smart Ports Help Seaport Directors Make Smart Choices

There are no signs of a slowdown in business for seaports. With so much of the world’s goods being transported via ships, seaports need new technology that integrates with their existing systems and provides them with greater insight of daily activities. Ports that have adopted IoT devices have already reported on the benefits.

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Optimize Transportation & Fleet Operations With Road Weather Forecasting & Mapping Technology

In this white paper, you’ll learn about:

  • How an IoT visualization platform integrated with hyper-localized weather can reduce economic losses for the transportation industry
  • How fleet operations can leverage scalable road weather data for enhanced situational awareness
  • How Live Earth’s out-of-the-box features equip fleet operations with the data they need to improve the safety of driver’s and shipments
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Unpredictable Weather Still Poses as a Problem for Transportation Fleet Operators

The trucking industry is responsible for transporting 70% of the country’s freight, making it a significant driving force in the economy. However, truck drivers face unpredictible situaitons, such as weather, which can negatively impact shipments. Fleet managers require real-time location intelligence, visualization, and situational awareness to better montiro and respond to conditions around their fleets.

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Improve Safety & Efficiency With Ground Truth Forecasts

Live Earth and Fathym partner to deliver forecasts and routes on an intuitive, cloud-based interface. Advanced knowledge of how weather will impact a city’s mission-critical services or a long-haul fleet’s route can save millions in reduced overtime hours and better asset management.

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Utilizing Advanced Analytics for Increased Revenue Assurance Via Asset Monitoring

Advanced analytics provides asset managers with the ability to increase revenue assurance by optimizing both service and distribution models. Asset managers are investing in analytics more and more in order to create design and service models that serve their client’s needs optimally.

A Real-Time Awareness Solution That Scales

Safety & Security Solution

Leverage a data visualization platform that combines all internal and external data sources for enhanced situational awareness and asset protection.  Learn more!

Operational Efficiency Solution

Improve overall operations and reduce costs with GIS visualization software of all internal and external data sources on a common operational picture.  Learn more!

Financial Data Insights Solution

Maximize revenue assurance and mitigate risks quickly with advanced data visualization using real-time multi-layer data correlation on a single screen. Learn more!

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