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Utility companies monitor thousands of sensors, gauges and fleet vehicles. Yet extracting actionable knowledge from these data silos is challenging, and cost savings and efficiency improvements often don’t fully materialize. Live Earth’s platform enables real-time visualization of all your utilities & energy data feeds, tracks your assets in relation to external conditions, collects valuable data and provides actionable intelligence for your devices and systems. Set proactive, user-defined alerts so you can inform operators and service fleets to critical changes in conditions for faster response times and system-wide corrective measures.

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Proactive Resource Management

Live Earth helps improve your services and lower costs by directing your resources more effectively. Easily collect consumption data, monitor and optimize infrastructure in real-time to detect failures, and track maintenance vehicles for fast, actionable solutions.

Predictive Maintenance

Live Earth’s utilities & data analytics allow you to monitor your assets’ conditions and integrate their data allows for predictive analytics. Schedule inspection and maintenance procedures in advance instead of scrambling to respond to unexpected system failures.

Consumption Improvement

Live Earth maximizes your investment in sensors and control systems by optimizing your consumption and distribution management.

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Unifying all of your assets on one visual platform enables users to have a one-stop-shop for all operations. Be the first to know how weather and surrounding conditions can affect your grid, so you can deploy work crews faster and more efficiently. Live Earth’s ready-to-use software platform can usually be deployed within a day and can be tailored to your needs.

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