Utility Management with IoT Data Analytics & Visualization


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Real-Time Awareness & Analytical Insights for Utility & Energy Companies

Utility and energy companies monitor thousands of sensors, gauges and fleet vehicles. Yet extracting actionable knowledge from these data silos is challenging, and cost savings and efficiency improvements often don’t fully materialize. Live Earth’s platform enables real-time visualization of all your utilities & energy data feeds, tracks your assets in relation to external conditions, collects valuable data and provides actionable intelligence for your devices and systems. Set proactive, user-defined alerts so you can inform operators and service fleets to critical changes in conditions for faster response times and system-wide corrective measures.

Live Earth is easy to deploy with minimal training required. Users can make faster decisions with real-time alerts, managed through an in-platform incident panel, easy to use sharing functionality, on an interactive multi-layer map.  Live Earth is an open platform allowing organizations to ingest data from multiple types of data sensors, systems, and feeds as they grow.  Live Earth also capitalizes on a growing technology ecosystem built with industry leaders to manage, secure, and enhance all of your real-time data.  The platform offers cloud, hybrid, or on-prem solutions to meet the needs of customers individually.

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Data Visualization Software

Using Data Visualization to Realize Return on Smart Grid Investments

Data visualization tools help users to better understand data patterns, trends, and outliers.  It is essential to have data visualization technologies and tools when you work with numerous data sources to analyze the vast amounts of data and make data-driven decisions.

Data Visualization Software

Resource Planning in Project Management

Resource planning involves using your employees and time effectively. If you don’t use resource planning, then the process will take longer as miscommunication happens among your employees. Learn how Live Earth’s data visualization and real-time analytics will enhance your planning process and make resources more efficient.

Data Visualization Software

Understand KPIs to Improve Success

Businesses need to understand their statistics and analyze them if they want to succeed.  In this article, we explain lag and lead indicators to help you see what they are and how they can affect your company’s success.

A Real-Time Awareness Solution That Scales

Safety & Security Solution

Leverage a data visualization platform that combines all internal and external data sources for enhanced situational awareness and asset protection.  Learn more!

Operational Efficiency Solution

Improve overall operations and reduce costs with GIS visualization software of all internal and external data sources on a common operational picture.  Learn more!

Financial Data Insights Solution

Maximize revenue assurance and mitigate risks quickly with advanced data visualization using real-time multi-layer data correlation on a single screen. Learn more!

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