Venues & Campuses

Safety and Security in Real-Time on a Single Interactive Map

When situational awareness and location intelligence are the driving forces behind security, crowd flow and safety, Live Earth provides the platform to allow a variety of data feeds to be visualized on a single screen.  This increases safety for teams, fans and staff, helps to mitigate risks, and reduces costs. Similar to our solutions in Smart & Connected Cities, the Live Earth platform provides all of this information for the venue itself and provides real-time data for the surrounding areas as well.

Public Safety

Live Earth helps improve public safety and security by converging parking, traffic flow, street and city level message boards, field personnel, and more on a single visual pane.

Real-Time Alerts

Live Earth issues real-time alerts (via pop-up, email, and text) for pre-defined scenarios, like events that fall within predetermined criteria and that take place near your key locations or within facilities. The platform automatically triggers internal alarms and prioritizes external threats, greatly shortening your response times.

Faster Decision Making

Time is of the essence when it comes to critical information and making decisions. Live Earth enables users to access information faster with the ability to export still images, video clips, and fully interactive scenes that contain all relevant information to streamline the decision-making process.

Sara Bollock, the Director of Ballpark Operations at Citi Field works to ensure the safety and security of their fans who come together in a 41,000 seat facility for 80+ home games per year.

Bollock says she “appreciates the fact the Live Earth can create geofences and set alerts for activity in a specific area, track objects, measure distance and review past data in a larger context.

Live Earth allows you to monitor pedestrian and vehicle traffic, receive local weather alerts, increase security response and provide real-time visibility of your entire stadium or venue.  Live Earth’s ready-to-use software platform can usually be deployed within a day and can be tailored to your needs.