Watch as Harvey makes landfall and the water flow meters in Texas fill, and the immense traffic flow problems that arose as people fled before Irma came ashore. Can you imagine being in your car in standstill traffic, at 2 am, 3 am, 5 am with a young family, trying to get to a safe place?

Coordinate Response During Natural Disasters

Live Earth's unique ability to simultaneously visualize live data streams like weather, traffic, water flow, vehicle location, air quality, video surveillance and traffic cameras in sync is especially powerful when coordinating a response during and after natural disasters.

  • Monitor rapidly changing conditions and maintain contact with personnel on the ground all from a single screen.
  • Set alerts in relation to your assets so you know if sudden weather or adverse conditions threaten your personnel or assets. 
  • Rewind and review incidents and streaming information for instant situational awareness and operational control.