Consolidate Internet of Things (IoT) Data and Derive Insights

Visualize all your IoT devices and sensors across networks and systems and correlate their spatiotemporal (location and time) data on a single interactive map.

  • IoT devices
  • Sensors
  • Real-time weather and alerts
  • Traffic flow, incidents, and cameras
  • Infrastructure sensors and systems
  • Buses, trains, ferries
  • Emergency vehicles (police, fire, ambulance)
  • Video management and surveillance systems
  • Computer-aided dispatch
  • Access control


Map Your IoT Data in Real Time

Derive immense value from your IoT infrastructure—individual devices, sensors and systems—by putting all your data into Live Earth: an interactive mapping platform with a variety of analytics tools. Seeing all your data intercorrelated in time and space provides vital insights and keeps you in control.

No other software can aggregate all your IoT devices, sensors and systems into an interactive map and offers both real-time insight and the ability to upload your stored data for quick and easy analysis. 

Learn more about how Live Earth connects systems and devices for any operation that needs to visualize geotemporal data:

Law Enforcement
Physical Security

Available Now

Live Earth is a complete, out-of-the-box solution, ready to start changing the dynamics of your operation today*.


Live Earth comes with an interactive timeline that lets you rewind and review with the touch of a finger. This Instant Replay of recent events enables simple rapid review, enhanced situational awareness, scenario reconstruction and incident analysis. 

No other software has the ability to correlate multiple data streams in real time and has the ability to rewind all that data in sync. Load stored data points (or rewind your streaming data)  and review it in sync with traffic, weather, public transportation for immediate holistic analysis.

*Live Earth has specific hardware requirements; contact us to learn more.