Digital / IoT Operations Management

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization Operations Cloud to Manage IoT Operations & Digital Services

The Live Earth Analysis Engine provides businesses with the ability to fully understand the “when and where” of their digital operations management within our platform to drive optimization and automation.  With this level of real-time advanced data visualization, business impact is achieved quickly and increases over time.

Some of the key benefits our customers realize quickly include reduced operational risk, real-time visibility of all KPIs and Operational Leading Indicators across all relevant functions and external variables, and the ability to uncover deeper patterns of business through holistic review of all collected time series data across many dimensions of the business. With our IoT data visualization tools organizations have an increased level of IoT operations management to grow their business.

Full Visibility of Your Digital World With IoT Data Visualization Tools

Understand when and where in the real world your digital events (customer actions, system or sensor events) take place and how they correlate to other relevant data from the real world (e.g. customer sentiment, your marketing campaign, etc.)

A Digital Operations Management Platform for Better Decisions

Analyze your customer activity, financial metrics, and any other KPIs based on geography and timeframe for a deeper understanding of the mechanics of your digital business with this advanced business intelligence & data visualization solution.


As you use Live Earth, your data and related real-world data accumulates. Use this correlated, geospatial and time-series indexed data to feed machine learning algorithms and drive automation in your business.

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