Smart & Connected


Your City Ecosystem Visualized Together

Live Earth empowers smart, connected cities to improve living conditions and safety for citizens while reducing infrastructure cost and service requirements by leveraging the interactive mapping of public and private data feeds combined in one operational view. 

Predefined alerts and messaging from the Live Earth platform allows proactive management of city infrastructure (street lights, cameras, traffic and road conditions, IoT sensors, trash collection, etc.) from one operations center with minimal analyst and staffing requirements. 

Smart city initiatives are investing and deploying multiple, disparate smart and connected systems for autonomous vehicles, service improvements, and overall better experiences for citizens.  Live Earth provides the platform (out-of-the-box) that allows visualization of all these systems in context to the environment around you. 

Live Earth: A Real-Time Mapping Platform


Rewind. Review. Respond.

Retrieve and analyze all relevant information in seconds—not hours or minutes. Rewind and review with the touch of a finger for an Instant Replay of how events and incidents unfolded. 

Leverage your existing information systems on the Live Earth IoT Visualization Platform to get the most out of them. Instant Replay provides instant historical context for immediate actionable intelligence.


Out-of-the-Box Solution

Live Earth is a complete, ready-to-use software package that integrates multiple real-time data layers that are immediately available to our customers. Our team works to ensure quick deployment, usually within a day, to provide a platform complete with alerts and tailored use cases without the need for additional engineering or project resources.

The intuitive, user-friendly interface is easy to learn and use, quickly integrating with existing workflows for a seamless transition.

 Find out First - Get notified about incidents from public safety organizations and utility companies that may affect residents.

Find out First - Get notified about incidents from public safety organizations and utility companies that may affect residents.


All modes of transportation within the city or region can be monitored and reviewed in context to each other all from one central location.  Arrival and departure times, route optimization, station security, and citizen notifications can all be managed from one central platform that allows combining these assets in context with all surrounding conditions.  The alerting function further enhances this by providing proactive notifications when events change.     


Cities can monitor and reveiw all utilities in relationship to each other and the surrounding weather, traffic, or emergency situations.  Deploying your maintanance fleet or notifying citizens of outages and issues becomes more effective when operations can see all sensors, fleet locations, and surrounding conditions all in one view.  With alerts for changing environment and asset conditions, monitoring personnel can proactively guide field personnel to reduce risks from severe weather, malfunctioning equipment, etc. 

Public Safety

Improve public safety and security by coordinating parking, traffic flow, street and city level message boards, and field personnel all on a single pane of glass.