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Live Earth transforms the way organizations make critical business decisions by leveraging our operational analytics platform for commercial use. We’re just getting started with a global customer base that includes the world’s largest financial institutions, telcos, utilities, insurance providers, retailers, and government agencies. 

With these updates throughout the year, you can expect to learn what issues we’re helping solve with organizations similar to yours, while being a part of our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence journey to automate actionable insights for the world’s top organizations. 

Below are some recent updates from successful use cases with our clients, along with additional content from our shared experiences working with enterprise organizations on their journeys to making better decisions faster. We hope you enjoy and welcome your feedback.


Live Earth as the Telecom CIO Dashboard for Business Operations

Live Earth helps CIOs from major telecommunication companies keep track of their organization’s KPI’s and overall performance. CIO’s use the tool to keep track of all their customers, the network operations, and the overall risk events across their entire enterprise.


What Today’s Standard BI Platforms are Missing, and Why It’s Important

Organizations are struggling to keep up with the growing number of data points they collect, even as they try to make better decisions about how to use the data. Chief Data Officers say one of their biggest challenges is finding qualified workers to help them manage this workload.


How Banks and Financial Institutions Leverage Operational Analytics

Financial institutions are leveraging Live Earth’s real world data streaming overlaid with their client data to solve many key issues in their business today – identifying and mitigating risks, maximizing revenue opportunities, and monitoring and evaluating ESG investments.


Telecom Retailer Uses Operational Analytics to Plan for Hurricane

When Hurricane Ian approached Florida, one of the largest telecommunication companies in the United States used operational analytics from their Live Earth platform to prepare their team and customers for the storm.



Video Use Cases in Telecom, Banking, and More 

Our use cases within our core vertical markets continue to grow. As they do, our use case video library on our website is updated with 2-5 minute videos explaining them. To date, we have 14 use case videos on our website from successful client experiences.


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