The technological landscape is changing, and industries are seeing new opportunities to leverage IoT data. The demand for information is being met by implementing more IoT sensors, resulting in an increased volume of data that needs to be processed. As industries adopt new sensors, they need a way to manage their data, keep it secure, and visualize it

The Solution

Dell Technologies produces the necessary hardware: the Dell Gateway 5000. These can be installed in any area—from traffic lights to public transit buses—and collect data from devices operating at the edge. The data is then managed and secured by VMware Pulse IoT software, which is running on the Dell Gateway. This ensures that data from increased number of sensors is properly encrypted and managed.

The data is then pushed from the Dell Gateway and VMware Pulse IoT software to Live Earth, where it is visualized in real-time. This allows users to see a holistic picture of the data they want to manage to make their approach more effective.

In the video above, the integration shows traffic moving in and out of the trade show booth, network health, network availability and drive time. The ability to leverage geospatial data enhances situational awareness to resolve problems across any industry.

The combined power of Live Earth, Dell Technologies, and VMware Pulse IoT Center enables operators to focus their attention on immediate problems and harness the power of real-time visualization to resolve issues in a timely and effective manner.


Curious to see how Live Earth, Dell, and VMware Pule IoT Center integrate to empower transit operators with real-time data visualization? Watch our video Live Earth and VMware Pulse IoT.

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