In this 7-minute interview, learn how Live Earth’s data visualization software improves security for facilities through advanced GIS mapping software and data analytics.

How many data points are on here?

Currently we consume 800 million data points per hour, and we have about 50-60 billion in the cloud right now. We are a cloud-based, real-time, geo intelligence platform.

Did this come out of the military?

Yes, we developed the software over 10 years ago and it originally supported the DoD, still deployed with the special forces, and more. The goal was, how do you bring all of those disparate data feeds together, put them on a common operational picture where a 2 star general can come in, see it, touch and understand it, and then make a decision to immediately take action.

If this is enterprise level, could a mid-sized business benefit from this or is there a cost point that is not doable for them?

It’s very scalable – when we came out of the military space 3 years ago and started pursuing commercial applications, we started predominantly in law enforcement and departments of transportation – smaller agencies – where we are bringing in all of their disparate systems into a common operation picture. It really comes down to, what’s the problem your trying to solve, and what’s the use case? The platform is built to ingest really any data layer – we can ingest ESRI Arc GIS layers, IOT layers, a static file, a spreadsheet, or through our API for moveable objects.

What if a customer asks for customized data to be added?

We would add it specifically for that customer and if it applies, we could also add it to the platform for other customers to access as well. We partner with a variety of integration partners to answer most of the requests for weather, traffic, social unrest and more so that the platform scales.

How do you handle those out there that have poor intentions with data?

A base data visualization software platform “out-of-box” feeds that only provides base layers like traffic, weather – public data feeds. But beyond that, you need to certify with us what your data feed is or partner with that company. For example, you have a VMS – you’ve partnered and gone through that qualification check associated with the VMS company and we are going to integrate with that, touch their server and bring in the feeds. So, whatever the data is, we can work with that partner and ensure it is secure.

Is it a subscription-based service?

It’s a SaaS based annual license based on a geographical area, number of layers, days of storage, and users.

And that’s a wrap folks. You heard it live, the third day of the show with one more to go, names Live Earth “favorite solution of GSX.” He further comments, “this is my favorite product so far! It’s just fantastic.”

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