Proactive Asset Tracking and Analytics

Improve safety and reduce loss through optimized routing and fleet management when you integrate routings, weather, road conditions, traffic, and location of all assets into one operational platform with route delay and safety warnings. Advanced analytics enables you to plan and schedule routes that reduce truck idle time (and therefore fuel consumption), saving time and reducing costs associated with the threat of damage by adverse weather conditions. 

Translate your data into actionable knowledge that elevates efficiency, safety and security.

Cost-effective logistics planning and management requires detailed knowledge of assets, cargos, routes, traffic and weather in order to reduce expenses and improve efficiency while maintaining maximum safety for drivers and the public.

View Available Data Sources

Live Earth: A Real-Time Mapping Platform


Rewind. Review. Respond.

Retrieve and analyze all relevant information in seconds—not hours or minutes. Rewind and review with the touch of a finger for an Instant Replay of how events and incidents unfolded. 

Leverage your existing information systems on the Live Earth IoT Visualization Platform to get the most out of them. Instant Replay provides instant historical context for immediate actionable intelligence.


Out-of-the-Box Solution

Live Earth is a complete, ready-to-use software package that integrates multiple real-time data layers that are immediately available to our customers. Our team works to ensure quick deployment, usually within a day, to provide a platform complete with alerts and tailored use cases without the need for additional engineering or project resources.

The intuitive, user-friendly interface is easy to learn and use, quickly integrating with existing workflows for a seamless transition.

 Predict weather and traffic conditions that may affect your fleet with Live Earth routing, hyper-local forecast prediction and traffic prediction tools.

Predict weather and traffic conditions that may affect your fleet with Live Earth routing, hyper-local forecast prediction and traffic prediction tools.

Forecast Routes

Fleet operators can define and utilize “best” routing predictions based on the combined analysis of all operational variables with predictive alerts and messaging from the Live Earth platform.

Reduce Blowovers

Avoid routes that expose trucks to heightened risk of blowover conditions with predictive weather and advanced routing software that takes into account all the details of the truck, trailer and cargo specifications.

Reduce Loss

Improve on-time delivery and reduction of loss by tracking the real-time location of all trucks and trailers in relation to destinations, fuel stops and road hazards. This saves lost time, delayed customer deliveries and reduces cost exposure. 

Maximize Safety

Improve safety and security with the ability to monitor the interaction of all your integrated physical security systems at distribution centers in relation to truck and carrier fleet locations, configurations and conditions, all on a single operational view.