The Internet of Things (IoT) is booming, and more devices are connecting every day. This expansion can greatly benefit companies, as they are able to attach more IoT sensors to collect data. In turn, using new technology to analyze the data can empower industries to better understand their operations in ways they were not able to before and make improvements.

However, companies increasing the amount of sensors they use need to be aware of the potential drawbacks. Edge computing requirements are growing at a rapid pace, and more sensors equates to more points of vulnerability if those sensors are not properly secured. Companies can use a combined solution that stores and secures the data and then visualizes it in a way that makes sense, helping them leverage that information to make the changes they see fit.

VMware Pulse IoT Center

As industries deploy more IoT solutions in search of actionable insights and increased awareness, the demand for a secure solution grows. Companies investing in IoT understand that they are building the framework of connectivity, and this foundation is pivotal for their future success. As they grow and adopt new systems and sensors, they need a solution that secures vulnerable areas, scales with their operations, and breaks down the existing issue of data silos.

VMware Pulse IoT Center provides a software solution that manages, monitors and secures the data from sensors, some of which are edge devices. This allows companies to add in sensors without fear that their cyber security is threatened. Adopting a solution such as VMware Pulse IoT also helps them build a secure, consistent framework. As companies expand, VMware Pulse IoT helps setup and onboard new devices on the infrastructure plane. It then provides users a standard, uniform way to monitor their data streams and health of the IoT infrastructure. VMware Pulse IoT also assists in security patches and allows users to update and manage devices themselves through the software.

Visualization of Data Streams on Live Earth

Now that a company has all this data, how can they most effectively make sense of it and extract the most important information? Live Earth is an IoT visualization software platform that collects and presents data streams and feeds in real-time on a single screen. This provides the user with a holistic picture of their operations and an easy way to access all of their data in one place.

Live Earth’s partnership with VMware Pulse IoT Center helps users unlock the power of data with GIS visualization. Features in the platform helps users focus their attention on the pieces that matter most.

Want to learn more about the Live Earth and VMware Pulse IoT integration? Visit the VMware Pulse IoT dedicated Partner page.

For example, city transit authorities want to better monitor the number of people on buses and correlate the number of people onboard to the time of day to better understand the busiest hours. Live Earth provides live feeds of buses, making it easy for transit authorities to see precisely where their vehicles are in the city. VMware Pulse IoT supports people counting and allows authorities to monitor every person that gets on and off.

If authorities want to know the capacity of any bus at any given moment, Live Earth can build customized alerts to notify them when the capacity on a bus reaches a particular threshold. Live Earth allows authorities to play, pause, and rewind on the platform with the interactive timeline, making it easy for them to go back and assess the data coming in from VMware Pulse IoT. By monitoring and tracking this type of data, authorities can determine the busiest times of day and deploy more buses to areas that have the greatest passenger traffic to alleviate stress on buses and create a better experience for travelers.

A Combined Solution that Scales

More data can translate to greater awareness and understanding in any area that a company wishes to know more about. To have more data to leverage, they need to add more sensors to gather this data. VMware Pulse IoT Center provides a way to manage and monitor these devices and helps establish a secure infrastructure so that companies can scale their efforts and systems as they need. Visualizing this data on Live Earth can help users identify patterns and get valuable insight to their current operations to make changes that can help mitigate costs and improve process efficiency.

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