Improved Profitability Through
Proactive System Management

In an effort to control costs, utility companies invest in information systems, IoT devices and sensors. But since it’s difficult to extract actionable knowledge from these data silos, the projected cost savings and improved efficiency are often not fully materialized. 

Improve service while decreasing costs.

Reduce loss and down time, as well as improve customer satisfaction, by tracking and responding to changes in environment and utilization rapidly and predictably, all from one common operational solution. Live Earth tracks your assets’ conditions in relation to their external environments, collects billable data and provides actionable knowledge from these devices and systems.


Live Earth: A Real-Time Mapping Platform


Combine All Your Systems


Smart meters

Weather and alerts

Lightning Strikes

Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Vehicle Tracking (AVL)



Rewind. Review. Respond.

Retrieve and analyze all relevant information in seconds—not hours or minutes. Rewind and review with the touch of a finger for an Instant Replay of how events and incidents unfolded. 

Leverage your existing information systems on the Live Earth IoT Visualization Platform to get the most out of them. Instant Replay provides instant historical context for immediate actionable intelligence.


Out-of-the-Box Solution

Live Earth is a complete, ready-to-use software package that integrates multiple real-time data layers that are immediately available to our customers. Our team works to ensure quick deployment, usually within a day, to provide a platform complete with alerts and tailored use cases without the need for additional engineering or project resources.

The intuitive, user-friendly interface is easy to learn and use, quickly integrating with existing workflows for a seamless transition.

 Be the first to know where, when and how weather and other incidents affect the grid in order to deploy work crews faster and more efficiently.

Be the first to know where, when and how weather and other incidents affect the grid in order to deploy work crews faster and more efficiently.

Proactive Resource Management

Improve service and decrease costs by directing your resources more effectively. Easily collect consumption data, monitor and optimize infrastructure in real time to detect failures, and track maintenance vehicles. 

Predictive Maintenance

Schedule inspection and maintenance instead of scrambling to respond to failures with Live Earth’s ability to integrate your assets’ conditions with predictive analytics. 

Consumption Improvement

Leverage your investment in sensors and control systems to optimize consumption and distribution management.