How Live Earth Works with Base Operations

How Live Earth Works with Base Operations

Live Earth is the world’s fastest, real-time visualization platform. With the capability to integrate almost any existing system, users can see their assets on one operational screen, allowing them to leverage real-time data to their advantage.

Live Earth integrates Base Operations technology so users can visualize their street-level threat assessments in relation to a variety of other data sources that Live Earth aggregates.  These data sources can easily be turned on and off in the Live Earth platform through Live Layers so users gain a better understanding of situations and can make faster decisions with actionable intelligence.

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About Base Operations:

Base Operations helps companies secure their global workforce and operations with street-level threat assessments of global cities. Leveraging AI, we identify and aggregate hundreds of millions of data points from public and proprietary sources to create visualizations that help companies answer geolocation-based questions. Our Micro-Intelligence platform helps users write risk reports, produce tailored mapping visualizations, breakdown neighborhoods, protect traveling employees, plan events, and detect trends by threat type, season, and time. We seamlessly integrate with companies’ Global Security Operations Centers to provide advanced and actionable intelligence.

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