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DYMEC installs and provides the most secure and fastest communication networks in any municipality or public installation. DYMEC products scale from simple serial connections to 1 / 10 / 40 / & 100 GbE Ethernet speeds. Only DYMEC provides true network redundancy with complete failover protection. (ERPS). DYMEC NSA Network End Point Guideline Certified for Console Port Shutdown and Chassis Full Security provides for Console Port and Chassis Security for isolated and unmanned endpoint locations. DYMEC is Made in the USA.

DYMEC provides network communication for municipal applications and services. Live Earth ties all the information and presents it on a powerful platform to record, manipulate and enhance the understanding of the data presented – all in real time.

Specializing in ITS-Traffic / Police / Fire / Schools and Universities / Public Venues (Sports – Entertainment) Water / Sewer / Ambulances and Public Safety

– Protects First Responder and Public Safety Personnel [Police / Fire / HazMat / School / Ambulance/ Power Utilities / Water / Sewer / and Video Resources]

– Allows complete Collaboration in Emergency Situations with local and distant resources (ACES)

– Replay Events for Analytical, Training and Safety exercises

– Alerts and Analytics – With vehicles, cameras, and sensors integrated on a single map, you can automate capturing pertinent information and run analytics on the data.

Live Earth and DYMEC deliver advanced 21 st Century communities – today.  Safe- Secure information at your command.

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