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E-Tech Systems Limited

About E-Tech Systems Limited

E-Tech Systems Limited is a high-tech service-oriented company that is totally dedicated to satisfying our customers. To that end, we keep our staff fully trained in the most advanced technologies in the area of physical security. E-Tech’s mandate is to provide Jamaica and the Caribbean with State–of–the–Art integrated security systems.

E-Tech Systems Limited carries an extensive range of high-tech computerized electronic security and safety products, inclusive of open architecture integrated software solutions. All the product lines we represent are dominant brands in the international security market,
known leaders in their areas of specialization and utilized by some of the largest and most prestigious organizations around the world.

We leverage our internal design expertise and our strong relationships with world leading security equipment manufacturers to offer the highest quality security products and solutions available on the market.

E-Tech Systems Limited is quite adept at serving a wide cross section of business types and operations. We are also particularly good at working on large scale complex projects with multiple sites that require their security and safety solutions to be integrated.

The range of equipment and services offered by E-Tech Systems Limited is quite extensive and covers the full spectrum of asset protection and security management solutions needed by modern progressive business establishments. Listed below are the main areas in which we have a strong expertise and award-winning solutions.

Asset Protection and Security Management Solutions:

Systems Automation
Perimeter Protection
Smart City / Public Safety
Asset Tracking Solutions
Electronic Access Control
Video Security Management
Time and Attendance Solutions
Inter-Com and Paging Systems
Fire Detection and Suppression
Building Automation Systems (BAS)
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
License Plate Recognition (LPR) Systems
Fingerprint and Eye Scan Biometric Systems
Automated Commercial / Residential Parking Solution

Our product mix of asset protection systems and proven security management solutions are in high demand and are utilized by a wide cross section of outstanding Jamaican, Caribbean and International companies.

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