How Live Earth Works with Fathym

How Live Earth Works with Fathym

Live Earth is the world’s fastest, real-time IoT visualization platform. With the capability to integrate almost any existing system, users can see their assets on one operational screen, allowing them to leverage real-time data to their advantage.

The Fathym and Live Earth collaboration delivers surface-level environmental forecasts for real-time visualization.  Fathym’s Forecaster API offers predictive weather technology that forecasts ground-based temperatures, conditions, precipitation, and wind speeds for operation teams to preemptively make decisions before weather strikes.

Fathym reduces operational complexity, simplifies and accelerates application deployment, unifies data streams and interfaces, integrates insights, implements projects without the need for technical staff and increases cloud services value.  These combine values deliver tangible business value to accelerate digital transformation.

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Fathym and Live Earth Collaborate to Deliver Surface-Level Environmental Forecasts for Real-Time Visualizations


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