How Live Earth Works with Hidden Level, Inc.

How Live Earth Works with Hidden Level, Inc.

The Hidden Level Airspace Monitoring Service (AMS) integration with Live Earth provides users with unprecedented monitoring capabilities for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS / drones) over a city wide area. With use cases such as UAS delivery becoming closer to reality, urban centers present the greatest challenge for ensuring security and enabling safe commercial drone operations. Hidden Level’s sensor network reports the real time position of drones within a city’s airspace to ensure safe compliance and protect the public.

The ability to distinguish between known commercial drone operations and unauthorized drone flights provides insight needed by security and law enforcement teams to take action with this advanced law enforcement mapping software solution. Airspace Monitoring data from Hidden Level visualized on the Live Earth platform offers users the unique ability to add a 3rd dimension to their security operation centers and Smart City technology initiatives.

To learn more about Hidden Level and its Airspace Monitoring Service, visit:

To learn more about Hidden Level, visit:

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