How Live Earth Works with INRIX

How Live Earth Works with INRIX

Live Earth is the world’s fastest, real-time IoT visualization platform. With the capability to integrate almost any existing system, users can see their assets on one operational screen, allowing them to leverage real-time data to their advantage.

The INRIX and Live Earth integration provides users with advanced insights on traffic flow, traffic incidents, and parking in real-time, for the most up-to-date information. INRIX ingests data of market-specific criteria that impacts traffic flow, such as construction, road closures, real-time incidents, sporting and entertainment events, and hazardous road conditions caused by weather.

Hyper-local traffic insights gives users the data they need to create informed action plans that can help reduce costs, save time, and improve safety. Traffic data from INRIX visualized on the Live Earth platform offers users the unique ability to see all of their systems in context of one another.

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Live Earth Integrates INRIX Traffic Intelligence with Live Transportation for Enhanced Situational Awareness

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