How Live Earth Works with ShotSpotter

How Live Earth Works with ShotSpotter

Live Earth is the world’s fastest, real-time IoT visualization platform. With the capability to integrate almost any existing system, users can see their assets on one operational screen, allowing them to leverage real-time data to their advantage.

The ShotSpotter and Live Earth collaboration aims to provide law enforcement officers with real-time visualization of their local communities in response to live gunshot detection. Ingesting this data on a single screen visualization platform, in combination with other live data streams—like VMS, local traffic, public transportation, parking and more—command centers can act faster with real-time situational awareness and location intelligence.

ShotSpotter’s solution is an advanced system of sensors, algorithms and artificial intelligence to detect, locate and alert police to gunfire. ShotSpotter’s innovative technology was developed over 20 years and is protected by more than 30 patents for intellectual property. ShotSpotter gives officers an opportunity to make a greater impact on gun violence when used as part of a comprehensive response strategy.

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