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Stone Security

About Stone Security

Stone Security is an award-winning security integration firm headquartered in Salt Lake City.  For more than 12 years, Stone has been driving the implementation of IP-based security systems.  Specifically, Stone Security has excelled in the field of open architecture, enterprise class video surveillance. Our company has been recognized for excellence by the global market leaders in modern video surveillance. We were also recognized by the Secured Cities Conference, held in Houston – TX, as the “Best Municipal Video Surveillance Project in The Country” for our work with the City of Denver. In 2013, Stone Security was designated as the first Milestone Diamond Partner in the World.

Finally, Stone has been ranked five years running as one of the 100 largest and 50 fastest growing security companies in America. We take great pride in the fact that our experience and ability to deliver IP surveillance technology to our customers has been recognized to this extent. These industry accolades should reflect positively on the value and quality customers in Utah can expect from Stone Security.

Stone Security is more experienced, more capable, more competent, and more equipped to handle projects in the video surveillance category than any other contractor in the country. We have designed, deployed and we currently support systems for the largest video surveillance users nationally. A few of our clients even send us all over the globe to support their world-wide systems. Our team, Headquartered in Salt Lake City is nationally renowned for our experience, capabilities, and quality of work.

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