Multi-Site Warning and
Response Platform

Protecting your IP, property and personnel from sabotage and natural disasters requires monitoring and managing multiple real-time systems simultaneously. Integrate all those systems on a single interactive map to reduce the risk of missing critical incidents. 

Layering all your information in sync on a single pane of glass provides comprehensive situational awareness at a glance. This reduces the amount of time it takes to gather and analyze information, which in turn reduces decision-making and response times.

Live Earth synchronizes all of your data from information systems, IoT devices, sensors and vehicles on a single interactive map so you can triage internal alerts and respond to external threats from the same platform.

  • Video management and surveillance systems
  • Access control
  • Interactive floor plans
  • Shot detection sensors
  • Asset tracking
  • Sensors
  • Dispatch
  • Weather
  • Traffic
  • Public transportation


Analytics and Alerts

Live Earth alerts analysts (via e-mail, text and map display) of events near key locations or within facilities that meet predetermined criteria. They can quickly triage indoor alarms and manage responses to external threats through Live Earth itself.

Decision Making

Quickly review critical information and improve decision making in time-sensitive scenarios with the ability to export still images, video clips, and fully interactive scenes that contain all relevant information.

Process Improvement

Rewind and review how events and information unfolded with the interactive timeline. This provides a defensible stance for when and why decisions were made for attribution and accountability. Continually improve responses by reviewing previous incidents for inefficient and ineffective processes.

Available Now

Live Earth is a complete, out-of-the-box solution, ready to visualize your data today*.


Live Earth comes with an interactive timeline that lets you rewind and review with the touch of a finger. This Instant Replay of recent events enables simple rapid review of how events and information unfolded. 

With Live Earth, make the most of your existing information systems, IoT devices, sensors and asset tracking by correlating their data together to create actionable intelligence.

*Live Earth has specific hardware requirements; contact us to learn more.