A Real-Time Mapping Platform

Live Earth is a Real-Time Mapping Platform for time series data & live data streams


Live Earth delivers real time situational awareness to help organizations make time-critical, data-driven decisions, leveraging information from disparate sources


Live Earth helps correlate events and uncover patterns and trends, by synchronizing weather radar, traffic conditions, IoT devices, connected cars, transportation sensors, mobile applications, video management systems, shot detection sensors and more

This touchscreen software is built with an intuitive interface that requires little or no training because it borrows concepts from your smartphone and tablet, like pinch & zoom maps, and an interactive timeline much like you already use to record and playback your favorite TV shows

Live Earth also provides Instant Replay which lets you play, pause, and rewind geospatial data over time to quickly reconstruct recent scenarios

Live Earth is configurable and extensible, allowing you to add and remove data sources, live feeds and map layers to suit your operational needs


Live Earth’s advanced visualization delivers the right information at the right time, helping you make the right decisions


With Live Earth you can see all your streaming data in one place, to quickly understand what’s happening, and act fast when it matters most