Critical Security Alerts

Act Faster with Live Earth’s Real Time Alerts & Data Notifications

New advanced data visualization technology provides companies with new ways to leverage valuable data. The exponential rise in devices collecting data means that companies now must sift through mass volumes of information that runs the risk of sitting in silos, meaning that their data can quickly become obsolete.

Live Earth supports customizable critical security alerts that send real-time notifications in the platform, through text, and email when the alert is generated. Companies can instantaneously be notified of events that are relevant to their operations, allowing them to make the most of the data they ingest.

Alerts can be created to generate notifications in multiple ways. This includes alerts that are triggered from anywhere in the world, from a shape or multiple shapes, from one or more locations/addresses, or along a route. The user interface for alerts provides ample instruction and walk-through which allows users to quickly create alerts that will generate notifications about the event. Live Earth Alerts helps focus attention and filter through the noise to help users address problems as they arise.

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