Live Earth API

Unifying all your systems, devices, sensors and data streams in one interactive map.

When you can see all your data sources correlated like that, you make unexpected connections.

These connections lead to new processes, efficiencies, and actionable intelligence.

Connect to any data stream or archived data set

From weather and traffic to vehicle location systems and condition sensors to KML and spreadsheet files, Live Earth can connect to any type of location-specific information you need to see.

Visualize Critical Information in Real Time

Live Earth displays all the data feeds you choose, simultaneously, in real time.

Public Data

Integrate Public Data Sources

  • Public transportation (buses, ferries, trains, shuttles)
  • Flight tracker (commercial and private airplanes, helicopters)
  • Maritime traffic
  • Real-time weather
  • Wildfires

Our Data

Integrate Data Live Earth Purchases

  • INRIX Interactive traffic flow
  • Traffic incidents
  • Traffic cameras
  • Real-time parking capacity
  • Real-time lightning strikes

Your Data

Integrate Existing Systems and Devices

  • Sensors
  • IoT devices
  • Access control systems
  • Video management systems (VMS)
  • Infrastructure gateway systems
  • Interactive floor plans
  • Computer-aided dispatch (CAD)
  • Vehicle tracking (AVL)
  • Statistics

Understand streaming geotemporal, time series data as quickly as it is generated. Get a decisive competitive edge.

Who Benefits From Live Earth?

Any organization that relies on multiple data feeds and needs access to timely, relevant data needs Live Earth.

Any organization that needs the ability to reconstruct incidents with ease or load their own data into an interactive map needs Live Earth.

These organizations will empower quicker, more informed decisions, and reap immense time and cost savings, with Live Earth.

  • Large campuses (corporate, medical or educational)
  • Large commercial properties (malls, stadiums)
  • Smart cities initiatives
  • Utility companies
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Transportation management centers
  • Logistics and supply chain operations
  • Fusion centers
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Border patrol agencies
  • Transit/transportation authority agencies
  • Fleet management operations
  • Emergency response organizations
  • Security organizations

Ready to See How Live Earth Can Work for You?