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A Data Visualization Solution Developed with Out-of-the-box “Live Layers”

Connect to any data stream or feed!  Live Earth’s Technology Partners provide customers the ability to integrate their existing systems through “Live Layers,” which are GIS map data layers (overlays) that automatically update in real-time.  Live Earth allows you to connect to any system, sensor, video or connected vehicle through a library of ready-to-go 3rd Party connectors, and even more, has the ability to grow with any future systems you adopt – preventing vendor lock.

Visualizing all of our out-of-the-box data layers correlated and synchronized with your own data sources, on one interactive data visualization map, empowers you to make unexpected discoveries, optimize your work flow, and improve efficiencies with actionable intelligence.

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Your Own Data

The Live Earth API allows you to integrate and visualize any geospatial data synchronized with all the other available data feeds. 

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Real-time data on traffic flow and speed, construction, congestion, and incidents from INRIX.

Traffic Cameras

Global transportation department’s live streams and snapshot traffic cameras (where available).

Fleet Routing

Real-time traffic updates and predictive weather forecasts help define travel routes and waypoints for countless industries. 

Hyper-Local Weather Forecasting

Intel on rain, snow, cloud coverage, and more in any local area.


Global weather satellite and radar, weather alerts, and weather stations from The Weather Channel by IBM.


Real-time updates on cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning strikes.

ESRI ArcGIS Map Server

Stream information and assets from ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS GeoEvents Servers.


Display KML files with assets, shapes, and data.

GeoRSS Feed

Visualize web feeds with geolocation information.

XL and CSV Files

Import your information to visualize how it changes over time in relation to other data.


Monitor real-time parking capacity at defined locations with INRIX.

Marine Traffic

Global AIS shipping feeds with location, heading, vessel type, and other details for port operations.


Monitor location, speed, and passenger load to drive scheduling and route efficiency decisions.

US Geological Survey Water Flow

Track changes in water flow and flow rate before, during, and after storms.


Track flight location, heading, and speed.


Know when an earthquake may affect you with notifications for quakes that register above a specified threshold on the Richter scale.

Air Quality

View air quality in real-time and monitor how it changes over time.


Monitor bus locations and routes in real-time.

Cisco VSM

Monitor live and recorded video from Cisco’s VSM.

Cisco WebEx

Chat, video call, and share direct from Live Earth.

GE Connect

Visualize hyper-local sensor data and how conditions change over time.

HERE Floor Plans

Manage indoor assets with HERE’s mapping platform.

ISS Video Management System

Connect ISS SecurOS VMS to capture and collect visual intelligence.

Johnson Controls Access Control

Monitor and manage controlled access points within a building, campus, or region. Current integrations include Tyco CCure and S2 systems


Milestone’s XProtect video management system provides seamless access to live and recorded video.


Instant notifications of single and multiple gunshots from ShotSpotter.

Verizon Connect

Monitor location and sensor details from connected vehicles.

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