Critical Event Management & Information Sharing Platform for Incident Management

Enhance Business Intelligence with Incident Management 

Live Earth provides a way for users manage their customized alerts through an incident management tool. Users configure their customized alerts based on what matters most.  Alerts can be created within a data source or with multiple data sources.  The easy to use wizard walks users through setting up a variety of custom alerts.  Organizations can add as many alerts as they need.  Once the alerts are set, users simply wait for an alert to come in, to then manage their incident panel. 

The critical event management & information sharing platform is primarily a virtual dashboard that allows you to manage by exception.  It can be accessed through it’s own tile and lives on the left side of the platform.  When an alert is triggered, users can combat data fatigue with the incidents panel.  The shared “inbox” functionality allows the user to scan, search, and export incidents to manage and triage them efficiently.  When the user clicks on an alert, the platform will immediately take the user to the exact moment in time, on the map, with all of the data selected in the alert setting.  Users can also add in additional data layers to gain deeper insights.  Once the user has determined the next action, they can easily share the incident with internal or external users.  The user is also able to determine if the incident should stay open, or close it out.

With a central location to manage real-time alerts across internal and external users, they are empowered to focus their attention on the details that matter most.

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