Indoor Mapping Technology

Comprehensive Facility Layouts with Indoor Positioning Systems

Indoor mapping for facilities is extremely valuable for companies. They are able to see an organized layout of the building, which can improve security measures and awareness. However, as many systems are separated, companies are limited in the data they can view directly alongside their facility map.

Live Earth integrates with indoor mapping technology to provide users with a holistic view of their facility in context of rich data streams. To view an indoor map, ensure the Indoor data layer is visible and then navigate to the desired facility. Users have the ability to toggle through all of their floors on the Indoor panel, located on the righthand side of the screen. As the user changes from level to level, they will find that labels for the indoor map change as well, giving them a fast way to assess key areas in the facility.

Live Earth’s out-of-the-box data layers, such as traffic flow, public transit, and an advanced weather package provide valuable insights regarding the perimeter of the facility. Additionally, the Live Earth platform seamlessly integrates with door access controls and video management systems to enhance security efforts and improve situational awareness. Customized alerts can also be created to generate notifications if unauthorized door access occurs, and can be designed to open all video cameras immediately if an alert occurs. Our indoor mapping technology equips facility managers with advanced insights to increase security and improve operations.

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