Interactive Timeline Software

Play, Pause, and Rewind with the Interactive Timeline

Companies handle volumes of data on a daily basis that contain useful information that can generate meaningful changes for daily processes. With our historical data analysis feature industries can quickly glean actionable insights from data.

Live Earth’s interactive timeline software feature empowers users to engage with their data using tools that allow them to Play, Pause, and Rewind their data streams simultaneously. Using our interactive timeline software users can rewind the data and pause on the information most relevant to them. They can also fast forward through the data. The Loop tool gives users the capability to watch a defined portion of data on repeat. Companies can use this tool to watch a specific timeframe and better understand operations within that event and use that data to make impactful changes.

To access historical information with ease, users can make use of the calendar tool, which allows them to choose a specific date and time to jump access. When the review process is finished, users can return to the current moment in time by pressing the “Live” button. Live Earth’s interactive timeline gives users the ability to engage with their data to enhance awareness and deepen understanding.

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