IP Camera Surveillance Import

Enhance Business Intelligence by Aggregating Video Feeds 

Live Earth provides a way for users to import their IP cameras surveillance footage and layer them on the map.  By adding in additional cameras, from virtually any video management system, users gain a holistic picture of public and private video by aggregating video feeds to enhance video intelligence.  The various VMS can be managed and viewed on the Live Earth video wall, regardless of vendor.

To add in IP cameras, determine the IP cameras IP address.  Next, ensure the system running Live Earth can access the IP camera.  Both systems need to be on the same private network or the camera’s IP address needs to be public.  Then, you’ll need to determine the camera’s video streaming URL and are unique to each camera’s make and model.  Under Add Layer, on the left side of the platform, you’ll have access to the Marketplace.  Files & Data is the tab you’ll need to access.  This will open up the IP Camera wizard.  Here, you will paste all of the information you’ve located for each IP camera.  After you’ve entered the camera specific data, you’ll notice the camera icon appear on the map in the location you’ve placed it.  From here, users also have the ability to customize the IP camera surveillance icons so they can easily visualize their IP cameras in relation to other public and private camera feeds in and around their organization or community.

With the ability to manage this custom data import, users experience enhanced situational awareness from a common operational picture.

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