Route Planning

Customized Routes with Real-Time Insights

Companies require real-time information and updates to best understand road conditions before vehicles leave, and while they are currently on the road. Considering transportation is heavily impacted by weather, traffic flow, and incidents, to name a few, actionable insights can improve operations and safety for all drivers on the road.

Live Earth’s route planning feature offers users the ability to create customized routes. To use the route planning tool, navigate to Add Route in the Apps section on the left-hand side of the screen. Here, users can set the start and end points, include waypoints, and can select the option to optimize for time with traffic and get advanced weather insights. Once a route is created, users can click anywhere along the path and open up the itinerary—which has step by step directions—and weather data.

Electing to include traffic data loads projected traffic patterns into the future, which allows drivers to prepare for slowdowns and better understand areas with high congestion. Advanced weather data from Live Earth’s integration with Fathym offers hyper-local weather insights along the entire route. This data also loads into the future. Users can select to view different weather impacts, such as wind speed, rain, snow, road temperature, and more.

Live Earth’s route planning feature equips fleet operations managers, and others seeking greater insights for tranpsortation, with advanced knowledge. The ability to see weather events, traffic data, and additional out-of-the-box layers in context of a customized route can minimize extraneous costs, improve arrival times, and increase safety for drivers and other vehicles on the road.

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