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Live Earth provides users with a quick and easy-to-use way to export data by sharing real-time critical data with both internal resourses who may not have a Live Earth user account, or with external resources outside of an organization. Our critical event management platform has the ability to quickly share information across teams or with others outside the organization to provide enhanced communication and deeper awareness for all parties involved.

With this level of advanced data visualization, users can share a screenshot of all data in the Live Earth platform by using the “Screenshot” tool and then save the image(s) out as a PNG or PowerPoint for easy sharing. For communication outside a company, users can create Live Links, which give individuals access to the Live Earth platform. The view is customizable and the creator can set limits to what the receiver can see, such as the location, date, time (or choose to keep the timeline “Live”) and visible layers. To share active views inside of an organization, users can opt to share Shortcuts, which are bookmarked views that can save location, date, time, and visible layers.

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