Geo Visualization Tools for Visualization Shortcuts

Share Saved Views and Data with Shortcuts

Live Earth shortcuts (also known as Bookmarked Views) allow users to save a view by location, time, date, and visible layers to quickly return to a precise area on the map. When a user clicks on one of their geographic data visualization shortcuts, they will zoom to the area with all preexisting data saved. This includes visible layers and specific points in time if the user did not choose to keep the timeline live.

Teams now have a faster way to communicate their views on the Live Earth platform with members in their organization by sharing shortcuts. Navigate to the “Share” feature in the Apps toolbar and click on “Share Views.” From here, users can select one or more shortcuts and the member(s) of their company that they want to share the bookmarked view with. Recipients of a shortcut will see all the data saved by the sender, making this an expedient way to share pertinent information within an organization. our geo visualization tools allow you to create short cuts so you can easily access locations your frequently monitor.

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